Alexei Emelin and Juraj Mikus

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by Habsfan18, May 14, 2006.

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    When can we expect these guys to come over to NA?

    Also, are they close to being NHL ready?

    And finally, what type of potential do these guys have at being solid NHL'ers for the Habs?

  2. montreal

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    I have heard that Emelin said he wants to come over, but don't know what Gainey will do. With the lack of a deal with the RHF, it could put things on hold, hard for anyone to really say at this point. Got to think the NHL and RHF will get something worked out that's hopefully fair to the Russian clubs. The Habs really need to get Emelin over since they sorely lack D prospects and he's likely their top D prospect, but he doesn't have to be signed till the summer of '08.

    Mikus I can't say but if I had to guess I'd assume he will stay in the Slovak Elite league again next year. He doesn't have to be signed till next summer, so perhaps they wait, since I can't see him making the Habs and another year in the Elite league wouldn't hurt. I've read how the Habs want him to play in the CHL next year, which would be great to see but he hasn't been drafted in the import draft so if he's not drafted this summer then he won't be joining the CHL. He could play in Hamilton and they will need bodies if they don't pick up some players from another NHL team like they have for the past 4 years (oilers, tampa, dallas, oilers) But at 19 he might not be physically ready for the AHL.

    As for their futures in the NHL. I would say that Emelin is more of a lock to see time with the Habs. Mikus I've heard great things about his offensive skills but I only saw him at the U-18's last year and wasn't overly impressed. The Habs have a number of forward prospects, so he's got his work cut out for him.

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