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Discussion in 'By The Numbers' started by tinyzombies, Aug 15, 2017.

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    Silly question, but I play in a league that tracks stats and has scoresheets, but it doesn't keep shots taken for who is on the ice. In the history group they adjust historical stats by roster size (extrapolating for general ice time adjustments I assume). Not sure if that's for the VsX stat or what. Does anyone know? Are there written parameters I could use as a template and adjust them? I'm guessing you could do this any number of ways as you are adjusting to league leaders anyway. But league leaders in ballhockey leagues are usually like Joe Malone - they play most of the game. So the depth players on those teams pick up points by default as almost filler players. And it's only 20 games a year, so might be a useless sample.
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