ADT 1st game vs. the "O" --thoughts?

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by hawksfan50, Nov 24, 2006.

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    THe Russkies always send a "B" squad--not their best jrs...and worse in this game they played short =only 16 players (no Russkie additions available fromthe "O" this year) ...worse again--the refs gave the Russkies an introiduction to Blackhawks hockey --ie. you play the 1st period in the penalty-box and get so tired defending your end --you are boumd to lose the chance...

    Some observations:

    GAGNE looked good setting up line-mates for scoring chances--BUT I'm stll not THAT impressed that in a good draft year he's be top 10 material...

    TAVARES--goal + nearly had another--not drat eligible till he has time to work on his flaws--intensity every shift + his defensive game--nOT a complete player yet...

    DREW DOUGHTY--not eligible till 2008 draft--but WOW! If he is not a legit #1 franchise potential D-man I don't know who is...3 spectacular rushes end to end--one included an amazing "Savardian Spin-O-Rama" where he left Russkie forchecker in the dust ...great PP QB'ng ability at the point...solid,calm -very good defending his own short if he were eligible for this draft,he'd be#1 overall --certainly he'd be the top D-man..great great pro prospect..

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