Acceptable E-Mail reply time???

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by MatthewFlames, Aug 8, 2006.

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    I know that it's summer an' all ('cept for those down under) but I'm still getting very few replies to emails sent out with trade offers etc... and some of those are replies to offers made to me... and I was wondering what the acceptable amount of time is for an email reply - even if it's to say "give me some time to think about it..".. I've got a few emails out there to about 5 GM's - all of whom have not replied since I sent out my emails in July.. it's the eighth now.. I've sent out gentle "please reply" emails to a few.. but... it seems lonely to be ignored...
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    I'd suggest you post the team names here: nothing like a little public embarassment to get people responding... that is, if they're even paying attention to the boards.

    Some GMs I find use a different email for league business, and now that the draft and free agency are done, they may not be checking those mails with the regularity they would during the season. There's also vacations...

    That said, some GMs seem not inclined to reply to emails at all, so for the record, let me state that the league rules state the following:

    "As an owner you are required to answer ALL HFNHL related email you receive that requires a response. There are several reasons for this. The first is common courtesy, the second is so that the HFNHL can continue to keep flowing forward and other participants are not "left hanging". Your reply does not have to be long or detailed, it just has to be a response."

    It goes on to indicate that if GMs are going to be out of contact for more than 7 days, they must notify the league and make appropriate arrangements. I would sugges that (except in extenuating circumstances such as injury, technical problems, etc.) the absolute maximum length of time a GM should sit on an email without replying is 7 days. In practice, however, 48-72 hours is the most that courtesy shoudl permit. The whole point of this league is participation and interaction, and if GMs are not prepared to meet those requirements, they will be removed.

    The rule book explains (as one of the very first sections) the full scope of GM ("owner") responsibilities. This would be a good time for GMs to review those requirements, and determine whether they are prepared to meet them - both now and throughout the coming season. If not, they should notify the league that they are giving up their teams.

    Speaking of which, Andrew Chang Sang, you're on the clock my friend! :teach:

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