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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Dr.Sens(e), Feb 8, 2006.

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    For those GM's repeatedly sending reminders about week old offers for underskilled overagers finally finding their game against teens in the CHL, or perhaps the player in their late 20's who is lighting up the ECHL, or even better, that slow moving, non-physical winger your team is securing for 2010 when said player finds Jesus and makes the NHL that somehow you think is worth the cash commitment for a few years (you can't cut them), please have some patience.

    Unless the offer directly affects your day-to-day roster, the offer will not be responded to immediately (i.e 24 hours). I'm afraid Reggie just doesn't work that hard and can't be bothered to respond to all offers on a daily basis (His rather lucrative contract calls for a lot of off-time).

    Also, for pending RFA's or UFA's, a similar a time frame will be applied to an offer. If you haven't received a response in 2-3 weeks, THEN follow-up with your offers. Until then, in the infamous words of Reggie..."Bugger off!"...
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