A nice young gentleman at the Sens game

Discussion in 'Ottawa Senators' started by Spartachat, Oct 11, 2018.

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    I was sitting near front during the practice at last night game and a puck got caught in the netting. There were some kids trying to get the pucks from the players and one of them maybe about 8 years old was able to get the puck to fall. He was so happy to get the puck. Beside him was a young girl about 4 or 5, who looked really sad that she didn't get the puck. The young boy saw this and gave the little girl, who he did not know, his precious puck. The little girl ran away in delight. The young boy continued to try to get another puck, but was unsuccessful in the end.

    I was just thinking what a nice little kid. I have seen grown adults almost fight over getting those things.
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