8 Islanders selected on Cdn & US Olympic teams

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Wildman, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. Wildman

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    Islanders were very excited to learn that 8 Islanders were selected to the Canadian and US Olympic teams. Included were 4 DF (Foote, Schneider, Chelios, and Miller) and 4 fwds (Doan, Tkachuk, Weight, and Cole). 8 players represents 40% of our roster.

    Rumors persist that the Islanders are willing to trade "Olympic" Aaron Miller (86 DF rating), or Dempsey (76 overall rating) or Andy Sutton (78 overall)) for a LW (or RW) with a high SC (around a 78) rating. The LW or RW would need to have a simular overall rating & salary to the DF we are giving up.
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  2. MatthewFlames

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    and none the Calgary Flames

    Okay, I know - you couldn't find or make a softer roster than the HFNHL Flames. However it's "great" to see that I have NO players at all on the USA or Canada Rosters. Go FLAMES! :shakehead

    Mark Streit (Swiss)
    Toni Lydman (Finland)
    Richard Zednick (Slovakia)
    PJ Axelsson (Sweden)
    Milan Hejduk (Czech)
    Vaclav Prospal (Czech)

    So that makes a grand total of six players so far! Ugh!
  3. Ohio Jones

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    Feb 28, 2002
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    "We like to think we're about the team, rather than star players", Jackets GM Doug Emerson said. "Nevertheless, we like to think we have an extremely competitive organziation, and apparently a number of national Olympic Committees agree. We wish these guys all the best in Turin, and will be cheering for all of them."

    Team Canada:
    G Martin Brodeur

    Team Finland:
    D Joni Pitkanen

    Team Sweden:
    D Mattias Norstrom
    C Henrik Sedin

    Team United States:
    C Mike Modano

    Some Emerson draft picks from past years are also making an appearance on their national teams, notably Czech Martin Erat and Slovaks Jan Lasak and Peter Budaj.

    Former US Olympian Jeremy Roenick was not selected to the team, due to injury. "That's bull", Roenick opined: "they need the best players there, and I'll be the first to admit I'm not the player I was four years ago. Time for new blood." Brendan Shanahan agrees. The Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist was not chosen this year despite a very strong season, but he considers this a reflection of the strength of the Canadian hockey program.

    "It's a great honour to represent our country, and to even be considered among these incredible players. I've had the privilege at Olympics and Worlds, and now it time for some other players to get there chance. It's no slight to me, considering how many excellent Canadians aren't on this roster", he told reporters, "that's just how much talent there is to choose from in Canada. We could assemble a second team from those not selected to the national team, and still have a very good chance to medal. I fully support Wayne and Pat's decisions in putting this team together - I look at that roster, and I don't see anyone I think doesn't deserve to be there. They're going to be hard to beat."

    Roenick smiled mischeviously. "Maybe Shanny and I should get together to watch the US-Canada games. We can blow raspberries at each other!"
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