40 year old goaltenders-revisited

Discussion in 'The History of Hockey' started by Chili, Apr 11, 2006.

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    I started a thread before the season (link) on 40 and over goaltenders in NHL history.

    The findings from that thread...

    There had been 10 in all:

    Lester Patrick
    Hugh Lehman
    George Hainsworth
    Moe Roberts
    Johnny Bower
    Terry Sawchuck
    Jacques Plante
    Gump Worsley
    Ed Johnston
    Tony Esposito

    Records for the group entering 2005/06:

    Most regular season games played, one season: 48 George Hainsworth 1935/36
    Most playoff games played, one season: 10 - Jacques Plante 1968/69
    Most regular season games and playoffs combined, one season: 57 George Hainsworth 1935/36
    Stanley Cups: 1 - Johnny Bower 1966/67 (as a backup)
    Last 40 or over goaler to play in the NHL: Tony Esposito 1983/84

    The inspiration for the thread was the two 40 year olds who would join the group this year, Dominik Hasek and Ed Belfour.

    So how have they made out so far?

    Before he was injured, Ed Belfour did surpass George Hainsworth by appearing in 49 games. (Hasek has played in 43).

    Playoffs to come, we'll see if Hasek plays.

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