2021 Memorial Cup

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    My thought has always been you should have to wait a minimum of 20 years before hosting again. Halifax is hosting 19 years apart I dont think that's too bad.
    But a 20 year gap would insure 6 different hosts from a league in that time span. Perhaps youd get the same 7 teams in a league hosting but it would eliminate situations like London hosting twice in a decade. Quebec City hosting 3 times in 24 years, twice in 12.

    I know in the Q it's a bit harder with so many barns that even at a grass roots level arent capable of hosting. Sorry but you cant have it in Val d'or or Baie Comeau. It's just not feasible, no offense to those fine towns.

    As for the OHL and who should realistically host in 2021. To be anybody who hosted after Ottawa in 1999 should be out as per my 20 year rule above. Ottawa itself would be good if they could just get a couple things in their rink back up to code like the press boxes and suites. The area around the rink now is absolutely fantastic and would be perfect for hosting. Though not sure if the 67s team itself can be capable of hosting by then with the cycle. Who knows.

    To me (and this is all pending strength of team of course) my top picks would be places like Oshawa, Kingston, Erie and Niagara.

    Oshawa was pretty much slated to host in 2008 before Kitchener gave the money guarantee which I think was still a somewhat new thing at the time. They lost out again to Regina last year and with the whole GM thing happening it's a community that could use a boost.

    Kingston, again team strength is always questionable but the rink is fabulous (though I'm told they will need some work to add more dressing rooms) and Kingston itself is a beautiful town and being the unofficial birthplace of hockey has a lot of great tie ins. If you can get good weather that week too theres lots of great stuff to do in the area for relaxing and leisure.

    Niagara, fantastic new rink and a great fanbase with a team that's usually in the hunt. Again weve heard that the money might not work but if Niagara ever hosted they would do a great job I believe. The atmosphere would be off the charts especially for IceDogs games.

    Erie, they went from a rink that had to be down around that 14-18 ranking in the league to easily a top 5. Erie is not nearly as far of a trek as most people think and in May would have no weather issues. As mentioned the city itself has plenty of hotels and things to do in the area.
    Their one knock is they are an American team.
    Now that's not a knock from me but obviously there seems to be some logistical issue with US teams hosting at the moment. I had three chance to interview WHL commissioner Ron Robison in Regina and asked him with so many US teams out there if they were going to get a shot anytime soon and while he didnt say flat out no the wording behind his answer led you to believe it wasnt happening anytime soon. Thankfully some of the teams out there got a chance to host in the 80s and 90s but they are fully capable now just as I feel Erie is the States best bet at the moment for the OHL.

    Sault Ste Marie, their rink is a tad bit on the smaller side from the rinks listed above so that might hurt them. But no doubt it would sell out. Greyhounds have great management in place and while they havent gotten over the title hump yet they are no doubt a team capable of hosting.

    They wont be ready for 2021 but hopefully by 2024 you can add Sudbury and Peterborough back in the mix. I think Sudbury would be a great host as it's a big town and can give the Wolves a chance to finally be in the spotlight with a brand new rink. Peterborough a town roughly the size of the Soo so not as big as some of the other places but I can imagine they would be capable.
    Hamilton could be good but it's become obvious it's not gonna happen at Copps so they need to build a new rink. I'm sure they can build something like Bud Gardens and then be in the mix constantly to host.

    Maybe give those teams a shot at it before you go back to London, Windsor, Kitchener, Mississauga.

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