2020 7-Round Mock Draft 1.0

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    Everyone who is a "GM" will need to commit to the time and effort involved. If you repeatedly don't post you will be placed on auto-pick.

    Order: We will use the authentic draft order as of the end of 18 January 2019.

    Picks: The draft window will be from 8AM to 12AM (MIDNIGHT) ET. All selections will be 4-hours long. Once the four hours are up, anyone may auto select the Best Available Player based on NHL CSS's Final Rankings. We auto 3 North Americans, then 1 European. NO GOALTENDERS AUTO'ED. ANYONE CAN AUTO-PICK IF I AM NOT AROUND. AN AUTO-PICK CANNOT BE CHANGED ONCE THE NEXT PICK HAS BEEN MADE. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    NOTE: All teams must have a minimum of FOUR and a maximum of TWELVE picks in any draft. The ONLY exception to this rule is if a REAL LIFE team has fewer or more than that AS OF NOW.

    Trades: All trades at the draft must be Cap Compliant with an $84M maximum, $64M minimum Salary Cap. Use capfriendly.com as your source. Traded picks are limited to 2020, 2021, or 2022. Once a trade is agreed upon (via PM of course) either team can announce it, but I need the other to confirm.

    Any pending UFAs that are TRADED are ASSUMED TO BE UNDER THEIR NEXT CONTRACT. For example, if Taylor Hall is traded, he should not return a fourth round pick for "negotiating rights". Trade him as if he were signed (because the acquiring team will just sign him anyway).

    NOTE: No trade can involve more than FIVE pieces per side, or EIGHT pieces total. Also, if any player gets traded who absolutely wouldn't be (McDavid, Crosby, etc), the deal also gets vetoed automatically. Either GM can post the trade on the thread, but I need the other to confirm it. If the trade is borderline veto-worthy, PLEASE seek my approval first.

    Rosters: Please post your initial roster, and post an updated version when a trade is made. Always include Cap status. When putting a roster in to calculate cap status, you must include AT LEAST 22 PLAYERS.

    After You Pick Please PM the Next GM to Notify Them! And POST THIS WITH YOUR PICK!!! If you cannot PM for whatever reason (i.e. on a phone), ASK SOMEONE TO PM in your post.

    Please, Do Not Announce Trades Until All Teams Have a GM


    Anaheim Ducks: heusy_79
    Arizona Coyotes: jvr32
    Boston Bruins: Patmac40
    Buffalo Sabres: Ristostadt
    Calgary Flames: dathockeydoe
    Carolina Hurricanes: Janne Niinimaa
    Chicago Blackhawks: Teemu
    Colorado Avalanche: landy92mack29
    Columbus Blue Jackets: landy92mack29
    Dallas Stars: King Weber This team is now on auto-pick
    Detroit Red Wings: belair
    Edmonton Oilers: McMozesmadness
    Florida Panthers: uncleben
    Los Angeles Kings: MasterMatt25
    Minnesota Wild: Rare Jewel
    Montreal Canadiens: Habs76
    Nashville Predators: King Weber This team is now on auto-pick
    New Jersey Devils: Dan Kelly
    New York Islanders: BTrotts19
    New York Rangers: 5cotland
    Ottawa Senators: OB5
    Philadelphia Flyers: Vanquish
    Pittsburgh Penguins: Stud Muffin
    San Jose Sharks: hi
    St. Louis Blues: heusy_79
    Tampa Bay Lightning: AveryStar4Eva
    Toronto Maple Leafs: Duke16
    Vancouver Canucks: Tryamkin
    Vegas Golden Knights: jvr32
    Washington Capitals: coolwood
    Winnipeg Jets: Get North
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  2. Eich Jackel aka Ristostadt

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    Orlando, FL
    Round One
    1. Anaheim Ducks: Alexis Lafreniere, LW, Rimouski (QMJHL)
    2. Minnesota Wild: Quinton Byfield, C, Sudbury (OHL)
    3. Los Angeles Kings: Lucas Raymond, LW, Frolunda (SHL)
    4. Detroit Red Wings: Tim Stutzle, LW, Mannheim (DEL)
    5. New Jersey Devils: Jamie Drysdale, RHD, Erie (OHL)
    6. Ottawa Senators: Alexander Holtz, RW, Djurgarden (SHL)
    7. Ottawa Senators (from San Jose Sharks): Yaroslav Askarov, G, St. Petersburg (VHL)
    8. New York Rangers: Marco Rossi, C, Ottawa (OHL)
    9. Montreal Canadiens: Anton Lundell, C, HIFK (Liiga)
    10. Buffalo Sabres: Cole Perfetti, C, Saginaw (OHL)
    11. Nashville Predators: Noel Gunler, RW, Lulea (SHL)
    12. Chicago Blackhawks: Rodion Amirov, LW, Ufa (KHL)
    13. Winnipeg Jets: Connor Zary, C, Kamloops (WHL)
    14. New York Rangers (from Toronto Maple Leafs via Carolina): Dylan Holloway, C, Wisconsin (NCAA)
    15. Carolina Hurricanes: Jan Mysak, C, Litvinov (Czech Extraliga)
    16. New Jersey Devils (from Arizona Coyotes): Jack Quinn, RW, Ottawa (OHL)
    17. Vegas Golden Knights: Dawson Mercer, C, Chicoutimi (QMJHL)
    18. Calgary Flames: Emil Andrae, LHD, HV71 (SuperElit)
    19. Edmonton Oilers: Jake Sanderson, LHD, USA NTDP (USHL)
    20. Florida Panthers: Mavrik Bourque, C, Shawinigan (QMJHL)
    21. New York Rangers (from Philadelphia Flyers): Jacob Perreault, RW, Sarnia (OHL)
    22. Columbus Blue Jackets: Braden Schneider, RHD, Brandon (WHL)
    23. Dallas Stars: Jean-Luc Foudy, C, Windsor (OHL)
    24. Colorado Avalanche: Kaiden Guhle, LHD, Prince Albert (WHL)
    25. New York Islanders: Hendrix Lapierre, C, Chicoutimi (QMJHL)
    26. Tampa Bay Lightning: Justin Barron, RHD, Halifax (QMJHL)
    27. Pittsburgh Penguins: Jeremie Poirier, LHD, Saint John (QMJHL)
    28. Tampa Bay Lightning (from Vancouver Canucks): Lukas Reichel, LW, Berlin (DEL)
    29. Boston Bruins: Brendan Brisson, C, Chicago (USHL)
    30. St. Louis Blues: Ozzy Wiesblatt, RW, Prince Albert (WHL) Auto-Pick
    31. Washington Capitals: John-Jason Peterka, LW, Munich (DEL)

    Round Two
    32. Detroit Red Wings: Ryan O'Rourke, LHD, Sault Ste. Marie (OHL)
    33. Los Angeles Kings: William Wallinder, LHD, MODO (SuperElit)
    34. Nashville Predators (from New Jersey Devils): Ty Smilanic, C, USA NTDP (USHL) Auto-Pick
    35. Ottawa Senators: Lukas Cormier, LHD, Charlottetown (QMJHL)
    36. Anaheim Ducks: Helge Grans, RHD, Malmo (SuperElit)
    37. Columbus Blue Jackets (from San Jose Sharks): Jake Neighbours, LW, Edmonton (WHL)
    38. Minnesota Wild: Seth Jarvis, C, Portland (WHL)
    39. New York Rangers (via Carolina): Roni Hirvonen, C, Assat (Liiga)
    40. Montreal Canadiens: Will Cuylle, LW, Windsor (OHL) Auto-Pick
    41. Buffalo Sabres: Antonio Stranges, LW, London (OHL)
    42. Nashville Predators: Martin Chromiak, RW, Kingston (OHL)
    43. Montreal Canadiens (from Chicago Blackhawks): Alexander Nikishin, LHD, Moscow (KHL)
    44. Winnipeg Jets: Shakir Mukhamadullin, LHD, Ufa (KHL)
    45. Toronto Maple Leafs: Zion Nybeck, RW, HV71 (SuperElit)
    46. Carolina Hurricanes: Yan Kuznetsov, LHD, UConn (NCAA)
    47. Arizona Coyotes: Vasily Ponomarev, C, Shawinigan (QMJHL)
    48. Vegas Golden Knights: Thomas Bordeleau, C, USA NTDP (USHL)
    49. Calgary Flames: Theodor Niederbach, C, Frolunda (SuperElit)
    50. Tampa Bay Lightning (from Edmonton Oilers): Tyson Foerster, RW, Barrie (OHL)
    51. Florida Panthers: Jaromir Pytlik, C, Sault Ste. Marie (OHL)
    52. New York Rangers (from Philadelphia Flyers): Topi Niemela, RHD, Karpat (Liiga)
    53. Ottawa Senators (from Columbus Blue Jackets): William Villeneuve, RHD, Saint John (QMJHL)
    54. Ottawa Senators (from Dallas Stars via Vegas): Ridly Greig, C, Brandon (WHL)
    55. Washington Capitals (from Colorado Avalanche): Justin Sourdif, RW, Vancouver (WHL)
    56. New York Islanders: Kasper Simontaival, RW, Tappara (Jr. A SM-liiga)
    57. Tampa Bay Lightning: Jack Thompson, RHD, Sudbury (OHL)
    58. Vegas Golden Knights (from Pittsburgh Penguins): Eemil Viro, LHD, TPS (Jr A. SM-liiga)
    59. Vancouver Canucks: Marat Khusnutdinov, C, St. Petersburg (MHL)
    60. Boston Bruins: Luke Tuch, LW, USA NTDP (USHL)
    61. St. Louis Blues: Daniel Torgersson, LW, Frolunda (SuperElit) Auto-Pick
    62. Detroit Red Wings (from Washington Capitals): Carter Savoie, LW, Sherwood Park (AJHL)

    Round Three
    63. Detroit Red Wings: Daniil Gushchin, LW, Muskegon (USHL)
    64. Los Angeles Kings: Daemon Hunt, LHD, Moose Jaw (WHL)
    65. Vegas Golden Knights (from New Jersey Devils): Luke Evangelista, RW, London (OHL)
    66. Ottawa Senators: Sam Colangelo, RW, Chicago (USHL)
    67. Anaheim Ducks: Brandon Coe, RW, North Bay (OHL)
    68. Minnesota Wild (from San Jose Sharks via Detroit): Alexander Pashin, RW, Ufa (MHL)
    69. Nashville Predators (from Minnesota Wild): Tyler Kleven, LHD, USA NTDP (USHL)
    70. New York Rangers: Maxim Groshev, RW, Nizhnekamsk (MHL)
    71. Montreal Canadiens: Michael Benning, RHD, Sherwood Park (AJHL)
    72. Carolina Hurricanes (from Buffalo Sabres): Pavel Novak, RW, Kelowna (WHL)
    73. Nashville Predators: Ruben Rafkin, RHD, Windsor (OHL)
    74. Chicago Blackhawks: Blake Biondi, C, Hermantown (HS-MN)
    75. Winnipeg Jets: Simon Knak, RW, Portland (WHL)
    76. Colorado Avalanche (from Toronto Maple Leafs): Roby Jarventie, RW, Ilves (Jr A. SM-liiga)
    77. Carolina Hurricanes: Simon Kubicek, RHD, Seattle (WHL)
    78. Washington Capitals (from Arizona Coyotes via Colorado): Tyler Tullio, C, Oshawa (OHL)
    79. Vegas Golden Knights: Donovan Sebrango, LHD, Kitchener (OHL)
    80. Calgary Flames: Sean Farrell, C, Chicago (USHL)
    81. Calgary Flames (from Edmonton Oilers): Tristen Robins, C, Saskatoon (WHL)
    82. Florida Panthers: Ryder Rolston, RW, Waterloo (USHL)
    83. Columbus Blue Jackets (from Philadelphia Flyers via San Jose): Maxim Beryozkin, RW, Yaroslavl (MHL)
    84. Toronto Maple Leafs (from Columbus Blue Jackets via Ottawa): Brett Berard, LW, USA NTDP (USHL)
    85. New York Rangers (from Dallas Stars): Ryan Francis, RW, Cape Breton (QMJHL)
    86. Florida Panthers (from Colorado Avalanche): Brock Faber, RHD, USA NTDP (USHL)
    87. New York Islanders: Dylan Peterson, C, USA NTDP (USHL)
    88. Tampa Bay Lightning: Oliver Suni, RW, Oshawa (OHL)
    89. Pittsburgh Penguins: Jan Bednar, G, Sokolov (Czech2)
    90. Vancouver Canucks: Samuel Knazko, LHD, TPS (Jr. A SM-liiga)
    91. Boston Bruins: Ronan Seeley, LHD, Everett (WHL)
    92. St. Louis Blues: Mitchell Miller, RHD, Tri-City (USHL)
    93. Washington Capitals: Eamon Powell, RHD, USA NTDP (USHL)

    Round Four
    94. Tampa Bay Lightning (from Detroit Red Wings): Danila Galenyuk, LHD, St. Petersburg (KHL)
    95. Los Angeles Kings: Joel Blomqvist, G, Karpat (Jr A. SM-liiga)
    96. New Jersey Devils: Connor McLennon, RW, Winnipeg (WHL) Auto-Pick
    97. Ottawa Senators: Jack Finley, C, Spokane (WHL)
    98. Montreal Canadiens (from Anaheim Ducks): Dmitri Ovchinnikov, LW, Novosibirsk (MHL)
    99. Calgary Flames (from San Jose Sharks via Montreal and Buffalo): Joni Jurmo, LHD, Jokerit (Jr. A SM-liiga)
    100. Minnesota Wild: Marko Stacha, LHD, Trencin (Slovakia)
    101. Nashville Predators (from New York Rangers): Christoffer Sedoff, LHD, Red Deer (WHL) Auto-Pick
    102. Montreal Canadiens: Nico Daws, G, Guelph (OHL)
    103. Buffalo Sabres: Alex Laferriere, RW, Des Moines (USHL)
    104. Toronto Maple Leafs (from Nashville Predators via Philadelphia and NY Rangers): Alex Cotton, RHD, Lethbridge (WHL)
    105. Chicago Blackhawks: Emil Heineman, LW, Leksand (SuperElit)
    106. Montreal Canadiens (from Winnipeg Jets): Veeti Miettinen, RW, Espoo (Jr. A SM-liiga)
    107. Los Angeles Kings (from Toronto Maple Leafs): Charlie Desroches, RHD, Saint John (QMJHL)
    108. Carolina Hurricanes: Samuel Hlavaj, G, Sherbrooke (QMJHL)
    109. Arizona Coyotes: Anton Johannesson, LHD, HV71 (SuperElit)
    110. Los Angeles Kings (from Vegas Golden Knights via Toronto): Elliot Ekmark, C, Linkoping (SuperElit)
    111. Los Angeles Kings (from Calgary Flames): Oskar Magnusson, LW, Malmo (SuperElit)
    112. Anaheim Ducks (from Edmonton Oilers): Zach Uens, LHD, Merrimack (NCAA)
    113. Montreal Canadiens (from Florida Panthers): Benjamin Baumgartner, C, Davos (NLA)
    114. Philadelphia Flyers: Thimo Nickl, RHD, Drummondville (QMJHL)
    115. Columbus Blue Jackets: Dylan Garand, G, Kamloops (WHL)
    116. Dallas Stars: Tanner Dickinson, C, Sault Ste. Marie (OHL) Auto-Pick
    117. Colorado Avalanche: Theo Rochette, C, Quebec (QMJHL)
    118. New York Islanders: Jacob Dion, LHD, Drummondville (QMJHL)
    119. Los Angeles Kings (from Tampa Bay Lightning): Ivan Didkovsky, LW, Moscow (MHL)
    120. Pittsburgh Penguins: Cross Hanas, LW, Portland (WHL)
    121. Vancouver Canucks: Carson Bantle, LW, Madison (USHL)
    122. New Jersey Devils (from Boston Bruins): Oscar Tellstrom, LW, Vannas (J18 Elit)
    123. St. Louis Blues: Trevor Kuntar, C, Youngstown (USHL)
    124. Washington Capitals: Wyatt Kaiser, LHD, Andover (HS-MN)

    Round Five
    125. Detroit Red Wings: Michael Krutil, RHD, Sparta (Czech2) Auto-Pick
    126. Los Angeles Kings: Kasper Puutio, RHD, Everett (WHL)
    127. New Jersey Devils: Bryan Thomson, G, Lethbridge (WHL)
    128. San Jose Sharks (from Ottawa Senators): Pavel Tyutnev, C, Yaroslavl (MHL)
    129. Anaheim Ducks: Adam Wilsby, LHD, Sodertalje (Allsvenskan)
    130. San Jose Sharks: Artur Akhtyamov, G, Kazan (MHL)
    131. Toronto Maple Leafs (from Minnesota Wild): James Hardie, LW, Mississauga (OHL)
    132. New York Rangers: Pavel Gogolev, LW, Guelph (OHL)
    133. New York Rangers (from Montreal Canadiens): Yegor Sokolov, RW, Cape Breton (QMJHL)
    134. Buffalo Sabres: Alexei Tsyplakov, C, St. Petersburg (MHL)
    135. Nashville Predators: Ian Moore, RHD, St. Marks (HS-MA) Auto-Pick
    136. Chicago Blackhawks: Jackson Kunz, LW, Shattuck St. Mary's (HS-MN)
    137. Winnipeg Jets: Senna Peeters, C, Halifax (QMJHL) Auto-Pick
    138. Buffalo Sabres (from Toronto Maple Leafs via Florida): Rory Kerins, C, Sault Ste. Marie (OHL)
    139. St. Louis Blues (from Carolina Hurricanes): Axel Rindell, RW, Ilves (Liiga)
    140. Arizona Coyotes: Evan Vierling, C, Barrie (OHL)
    141. Vegas Golden Knights: Drew Commesso, G, USA NTDP (USHL)
    142. Calgary Flames: Lukas Svejkovsky, C, Medicine Hat (WHL)
    143. Edmonton Oilers: Stephen Halliday, LW, Dubuque (USHL)
    144. Montreal Canadiens (from Florida Panthers): Parker Ford, C, UConn (NCAA)
    145. Montreal Canadiens (from Philadelphia Flyers via NY Rangers): Luka Nyman, LHD, Red Bull (AlpsHL)
    146. Columbus Blue Jackets: Leo Loof, LHD, Farjestad (SuperElit)
    147. Dallas Stars: Ilya Usau, C, Prince Albert (WHL) Auto-Pick
    148. Colorado Avalanche: Daniel Ljungman, C, Linkoping (SuperElit)
    149. New York Islanders: Wyatt Schingoethe, C, Waterloo (USHL)
    150. Ottawa Senators (from Tampa Bay Lightning): Yevgeni Oksentyuk, LW, Flint (OHL)
    151. Pittsburgh Penguins: Yegor Chinakhov, RW, Omsk (MHL)
    152. Vancouver Canucks: Ilya Mironov, LHD, Yaroslavl (MHL)
    153. Boston Bruins: Bogdan Trineyev, RW, Moscow (MHL) Auto-Pick
    154. St. Louis Blues: Michal Gut, C, Everett (WHL)
    155. Washington Capitals: Taylor Gauthier, G, Prince George (WHL)

    Round Six
    156. Detroit Red Wings: Kristian Tanus, C, Jukurit (Liiga)
    157. Tampa Bay Lightning (from Los Angeles Kings): Hayden Fowler, LW, Erie (OHL)
    158. New Jersey Devils: Alexei Yegorov, LHD, Spartak (MHL)
    159. Tampa Bay Lightning (from Ottawa Senators): Kirill Steklov, LHD, London (OHL)
    160. Anaheim Ducks: Ethan Cardwell, RW, Barrie (OHL)
    161. Ottawa Senators (from San Jose Sharks): Oliver Okuliar, LW, Lethbridge (WHL)
    162. Minnesota Wild: Zayde Wisdom, RW, Kington (OHL)
    163. New York Rangers: Artem Shlaine, C, Shattuck St. Mary's (HS-MN)
    164. Montreal Canadiens: Colby Ambrosio, C, Tri-City (USHL)
    165. Toronto Maple Leafs (from Buffalo Sabres via Carolina and Florida): Amir Miftakhov, G, Kazan (MHL)
    166. Nashville Predators: Ville Ottavainen, LHD, Kitchener (OHL) Auto-Pick
    167. Chicago Blackhawks: Ilya Solovyov, LHD, Saginaw (OHL)
    168. Winnipeg Jets: Erik Engstrand, LW, Malmo (SuperElit)
    169. Toronto Maple Leafs: Logan Morrison, C, Hamilton (OHL)
    170. Minnesota Wild (from Carolina Hurricanes via Toronto): Janis-Jerome Moser, LHD, Biel-Bienne (NLA)
    171. New York Rangers (from Arizona Coyotes): Kyle Crnkovic, LW, Saskatoon (WHL)
    172. Vegas Golden Knights: Calle Clang, G, Rogle (SuperElit)
    173. Calgary Flames: Tarun Fizer, RW, Victoria (WHL)
    174. Edmonton Oilers: Cameron Butler, RW, Niagara (OHL)
    175. Colorado Avalanche (from Florida Panthers): Logan Barlage, C, Lethbridge (WHL)
    176. New York Rangers (from Philadelphia Flyers): Xavier Simoneau, C, Drummondville (QMJHL)
    177. Columbus Blue Jackets: Linus Loof, C, Farjestad (SuperElit)
    178. Dallas Stars: Carsen Richels, LW, Blaine High (HS-MN)
    179. Toronto Maple Leafs (from Colorado Avalanche): Brady Burns, C, Saint John (QMJHL)
    180. Toronto Maple Leafs (from New York Islanders): Billy Constantinou, RHD, Sault Ste. Marie (OHL)
    181. Tampa Bay Lightning: Carter Souch, LW, Edmonton (WHL)
    182. Pittsburgh Penguins: Cole Shepard, LW, Vancouver (WHL)
    183. Vancouver Canucks: Hugo Styf, LHD, MODO (SuperElit)
    184. Boston Bruins: Isaak Phillips, LHD, Sudbury (OHL) Auto-Pick
    185. Ottawa Senators (from St. Louis Blues via Edmonton): Alec Belanger, LHD, Ottawa (OHL)
    186. Washington Capitals: Pontus Johansson, LHD, Djurgardens (SuperElit)

    Round Seven
    187. Detroit Red Wings: Jacob Truscott, LHD, USA NTDP (USHL) Auto-Pick
    188. Tampa Bay Lightning (from Los Angeles Kings): Roman Faith, LW, Kosice (Slovakia)
    189. New Jersey Devils: Dmitri Zlodeyev, C, Moscow (MHL) Auto-Pick
    190. Ottawa Senators: Miguel Tourigny, RHD, Blainville-Boisbriand (QMJHL)
    191. Vancouver Canucks (from Anaheim Ducks): Landon Slaggert, LW, USA NTDP (USHL)
    192. Florida Panthers (from San Jose Sharks via Toronto): Victor Mancini, RHD, Frolunda (SuperElit)
    193. Detroit Red Wings (from Minnesota Wild): Avery Winslow, LHD, North Bay (OHL)
    194. Arizona Coyotes (from New York Rangers): Daniil Pylenkov, LHD, Podolsk (KHL)
    195. Colorado Avalanche (from Montreal Canadiens via Philadelphia): Theo Nordlund, LHD, Frolunda (SuperElit)
    196. Buffalo Sabres: Noah Grannan, G, USA NTDP (USHL)
    197. Philadelphia Flyers (from Nashville Predators via NY Rangers): Elliot Desnoyers, LW, Moncton (QMJHL)
    198. Montreal Canadiens (from Chicago Blackhawks): Joshua Karlsson, LHD, Linkoping (SuperElit)
    199. Minnesota Wild (from Winnipeg Jets via Minnesota and Toronto): Artem Galimov, LW, Kazan (KHL)
    200. Carolina Hurricanes (from Toronto Maple Leafs): Bear Hughes, C, Spokane (WHL)
    201. Philadelphia Flyers (from Carolina Hurricanes via NY Rangers): Janis Svanenbergs, RW, Riga (MHL)
    202. Arizona Coyotes: Calle Spaberg Olsen, LW, Rogle (SuperElit)
    203. Vegas Golden Knights: Karel Klikorka, LHD, Usti nad Labem (Czech2)
    204. Calgary Flames: Matias Rajaniemi, LHD, Pelicans (Jr. A SM-liiga)
    205. Edmonton Oilers: Juuso Maenpaa, C, Jokerit (Jr. A SM-liiga)
    206. Florida Panthers: Matthew Rempe, C, Seattle (WHL)
    207. Philadelphia Flyers: Oliver Fatul, LHD, Zvolen (Slovakia)
    208. Columbus Blue Jackets: Ben King, C, Red Deer (WHL)
    209. Buffalo Sabres (from Dallas Stars): Lucas Ramberg, LHD, Lulea (SuperElit)
    210. Colorado Avalanche: Maximilian Glotzl, LHD, Kolner (DNL U20)
    211. New York Islanders: Cade McNelly, LHD, Seattle (WHL)
    212. Tampa Bay Lightning: Josh Pillar, C, Kamloops (WHL)
    213. San Jose Sharks (from Pittsburgh Penguins): Vsevolod Skotnikov, G, Moscow (MHL)
    214. Arizona Coyotes (from Vancouver Canucks via NY Rangers): Reid Valade, RW, Kitchener (OHL)
    215. Boston Bruins: Nathan Schweitzer, RHD, Belide-St. Margaret's (HS-MN) Auto-Pick
    216. Los Angeles Kings (from St. Louis Blues via Toronto and Florida): Gunnarwolfe Fontaine, LW, Chicago (USHL)
    217. San Jose Sharks (from Washington Capitals): Yegor Guskov, G, Yaroslavl (MHL)
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  3. Eich Jackel aka Ristostadt

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    Orlando, FL
    Trades Completed

    Trade #1
    To Los Angeles: Mason Marchment, 2020 4th (#110)
    To Toronto: Jack Campbell, 2021 7th

    Trade #2
    To NY Rangers: Tyson Jost
    To Colorado: Brett Howden, 2021 5th

    Trade #3
    To Buffalo: Nino Niederreiter
    To Carolina: Zemgus Girgensons, Miska Kukkonen, 2021 6th

    Trade #4
    To Carolina: Chris Kreider, Alexandr Georgiev
    To NY Rangers: 2020 1st (#14), 2020 2nd (#39), 2020 7th (#201), Morgan Geekie, Stelio Mattheos

    Trade #5
    To NY Islanders: Jeremy Bracco
    To Toronto: 2021 3rd, 2020 6th (#180)

    Trade #6
    To Montreal: Frederik Gauthier
    To Toronto: Charles Hudon, 2021 5th

    Trade #7
    To Los Angeles: Valeri Nichushkin
    To Colorado: Austin Wagner

    Trade #8
    To Nashville: Lias Andersson, 2020 4th (#101)
    To NY Rangers: Mikael Granlund

    Trade #9
    To Philadelphia: Jonathan Quick
    To Los Angeles: Philippe Myers, Brian Elliott, 2021 3rd

    Trade #10
    To Philadelphia: Ryan Strome, Tarmo Reunanen, 2021 4th, 2020 7th (#201)
    To NY Rangers: 2020 1st (#21), 2020 4th (#104), Bobby Brink, Isaac Ratcliffe

    Trade #11
    To Colorado: Scott Laughton, 2020 7th (#195)
    To Philadelphia: Vladislav Kamenev

    Trade #12
    To Toronto: Denis Malgin, Greg Meireles
    To Florida: Dmytro Timashov, Joseph Duszak

    Trade #13
    To Buffalo: 2020 5th (#138)
    To Florida: Evan Rodrigues

    Trade #14
    To Edmonton: Ondrej Palat, Mathieu Joseph
    To Tampa Bay: Jesse Puljujarvi, 2020 2nd (#50)

    Trade #15
    To Edmonton: Ondrej Kase
    To Anaheim: Caleb Jones, 2020 4th (#112), 2021 2nd

    Trade #16
    To Edmonton: Brendan Leipsic
    To Washington: Ostap Safin, Juhjar Khaira

    Trade #17
    To Toronto: Matt Roy
    To Los Angeles: Riley Stotts, Eemeli Rasanen, 2020 4th (#107)

    Trade #18
    To Los Angeles: Yanni Gourde
    To Tampa Bay: Jaret Anderson-Dolan, Kyle Clifford, 2021 4th

    Trade #19
    To Vegas: Kristian Vesalainen
    To Winnipeg: Nicolas Roy

    Trade #20
    To Buffalo: Jansen Harkins
    To Winnipeg: Jake McCabe

    Trade #21
    To San Jose: Elvis Merzlikins, Vladislav Gavrikov, Adam Clendening
    To Columbus: Ryan Merkley, Nicolas Meloche, Aaron Dell, 2020 2nd (#37), 2020 3rd (#83)

    Trade #22
    To NY Rangers: 2020 2nd (#52), 2020 5th (#145), Maxim Sushko
    To Philadelphia: 2021 2nd, 2020 7th (#197), Brendan Smith, Lauri Pajuniemi, Hunter Skinner

    Trade #23
    To Los Angeles: 2020 4th (#119)
    To Tampa Bay: 2020 6th (#157), 2020 7th (#188)

    Trade #24
    To NY Rangers: Zach Hyman
    To Toronto: Tim Gettinger, Zac Jones, 2022 2nd, 2020 4th (#104)

    Trade #25
    To Minnesota: Taro Hirose, 2020 3rd (#68)
    To Detroit: Victor Rask (25% Retained), Alexander Khovanov, 2020 7th (#193)

    Trade #26
    To Washington: Matt Roy
    To Toronto: Christian Djoos, 2022 4th

    Trade #27
    To Montreal: 2020 4th (#113)
    To Florida: Brett Kulak

    Trade #28
    To Toronto: 2020 5th (#131)
    To Minnesota: 2020 6th (#170), 2020 7th (#199)

    Trade #29
    To Toronto: 2020 6th (#165)
    To Florida: 2020 7th (#192), 2020 7th (#216)

    Trade #30
    To NY Rangers: 2020 6th (#171)
    To Arizona: 2020 7th (#194), 2020 7th (#214)

    Trade #31
    To NY Rangers: 2020 6th (#176)
    To Philadelphia: 2021 6th
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    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000

    Not doing serious trades, just picks for picks and maybe picks for expiring UFAs

    Should have held this two weeks ago when we we third to last!
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2020
  5. Duke16 Registered User

    Apr 14, 2015
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    Trophy Points:
    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000

    Johnsson ($3.4M) - Matthews ($11.634M) - Marner ($10.893M)
    Mikheyev ($3.33M) - Tavares ($11M) - Nylander ($6.962M)
    Engvall ($2.25M) - Kerfoot ($3.5M) - Kapanen ($3.2M)
    Moore ($775k) - Spezza ($1M) - Malgin ($900k)
    Ex. Hudon ($725k)

    Muzzin ($5.25M) - Holl ($2M)
    Rielly ($5M) - Dermott ($2M)
    Sandin ($894k) - Liljegren ($863k)
    Ex. Djoos ($775k)

    Andersen ($5M)
    Campbell ($1.65M)

    CAP: $83.001M

    Agostino - Petan - Aberg
    Korshkov - Brooks - Brazeau (AHL)
    Gettinger - Kossila - Der-Arguchinstev
    Macmaster (AHL) - Meireles - Pooley (AHL)
    Ex. Clune (AHL), Elynuik (AHL), Estephan (AHL), Conrad (AHL), Archibald (AHL)

    Marincin - Lindgren
    Kivihalme - Hollowell
    Rubins (AHL) - Kral
    Ex. Sapego (AHL), Kapla (AHL)

    Ex. Gahagen (AHL), Zhukov (AHL)

    Ilya Mikheyev 3y/$3.33M AAV
    Pierre Engvall 4y/$2.25M AAV
    Dmytro Timashov 2y/$725k AAV
    Frederik Gauthier 2y/$725k AAV
    Mason Marchment 2y/$725k AAV
    Jeremy Bracco 2y/$725k AAV
    Adam Brooks 2y/$725k AAV
    Pontus Aberg 1y/$725k
    Riley Stotts 3y/$794k AAV (ELC)
    Charles Hudon 1y/$725k
    Denis Malgin 2y/$900k AAV
    Greg Meireles 3y/$725k AAV (ELC)
    Jason Spezza 1y/$1M
    Released: Aaron Luchuk, Garrett Wilson
    Jake Muzzin 3y/$5.25M AAV
    Travis Dermott 3y/$2M AAV
    Teemu Kivihalme 2y/$700k AAV
    Filip Kral 3y/$794k AAV (ELC)
    Matt Roy 1y/$900k AAV
    Released: Tyson Barrie, Cody Ceci, Ben Harpur, Jordan Schmaltz, Kevin Gravel
    Released: Michael Hutchinson, Kasimir Kaskisuo, Zachary Bouthillier

    1. [TOR/LAK] F Mason Marchment, 2020 4th (110 OA) for G Jack Campbell, 2021 7th
    2. [TOR/NYI] F Jeremy Bracco for 2021 3rd, 2020 6th (180 OA)
    3. [TOR/MTL] F Frederik Gauthier for F Charles Hudon, 2021 5th
    4. [TOR/FLA] F Dmytro Timashov, D Joseph Duszak for F Denis Malgin, F Greg Meireles
    5. [TOR/LAK] F Riley Stotts, D Eemeli Rasanen, 2020 4th (107 OA) for D Matt Roy
    6. [TOR/NYR] F Zach Hyman for F Tim Gettinger, D Zac Jones, 2022 2nd, 2020 4th (104 OA)
    7. [TOR/WSH] D Matt Roy for D Christian Djoos, 2022 4th
    8. [TOR/MIN] 170 OA, 199 OA for 131 OA
    9. [TOR/FLA] 192 OA, 216 OA for 165 OA

    Draft Picks:
    2-45: Zion Nybeck, RW, HV71 (SuperElit)
    3-84: Brett Berard, LW, USNTDP (USHL)
    4-104: Alex Cotton, RD, Lethbridge (WHL)
    5-131: James Hardie, LW, Mississauga (OHL)
    6-165: Amir Miftakhov, G, Kazan (VHL)
    6-169: Logan Morrison, C, Hamilton (OHL)
    6-179: Brady Burns, C, Saint John (QMJHL)
    6-180: Billy Constantinou, RD, Sault Ste. Marie (OHL)
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2020
  6. MasterMatt25 Registered User

    Nov 19, 2014
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    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000

    Alex Iafallo ($2,425,000) - Anze Kopitar ($10,000,000) - Tyler Toffoli ($4,500,000)
    Yanni Gourde ($5,166,666)
    - Jeff Carter ($5,272,727) - Dustin Brown ($5,875,000)
    Adrian Kempe ($2,000,000)
    - Mike Amadio ($700,000) - Nikolai Prokhorkin ($925,000)
    Valeri Nichushkin ($950,000) - Blake Lizotte ($925,000) - Trevor Lewis ($2,000,000)*
    Extras: Matt Luff ($677,777)

    Derek Forbort ($2,525,000)* - Drew Doughty ($11,000,000)
    Alec Martinez ($4,000,000)
    - Philippe Myers ($678,889)
    Ben Hutton ($1,500,000)* - Sean Walker ($745,000)
    Extra: Kurtis MacDermid ($675,000)

    Cal Petersen ($858,333)
    Brian Elliott ($2,000,000)

    Cap hit: $75,406,892
    Cap space: $8,593,108

    Carl Grundstrom - Rasmus Kupari - Martin Frk
    Mason Marchment - Gabriel Vilardi - Michael Eyssimont
    Sheldon Rempal - Johan Sodergran - Drake Rymsha
    Bokondji Imama - Brad Morrison - Riley Stotts

    Tobias Bjornfot - Paul LaDue*
    Mikey Anderson - Sean Durzi
    Kale Clague - Joakim Ryan*
    Extra: Markus Phillips

    Matt Villalta
    Cole Kehler​

    Top prospects (no AHLers) :
    1. Alex Turcotte
    2. Arthur Kaliyev
    3. Akil Thomas
    4. Aidan Dudas
    5. Samuel Fagemo
    6. Lukas Parik
    7. Jordan Spence
    8. Kim Nousiainen
    9. Jacob Moverare
    10. Jacob Ingham

    Draft picks:
    1 (3): Lucas Raymond
    2 (33): William Wallinder
    3 (64): Daemon Hunt
    4 (95): Joel Blomqvist
    4 (107): Charlie Desroches
    4 (110): Elliot Ekmark
    4 (111): Oskar Magnusson
    4 (119): Ivan Didkovsky
    5 (126): Kasper Puutio

    BOLD = trade block
    * = upcoming UFA

    New Contracts:
    Tyler Toffoli: 2 years 9mill (4.5mill aav)
    Valeri Nichushkin: 1 year 950k
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2020
  7. landy92mack29 Registered User

    May 5, 2014
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    Trophy Points:
    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000

    Gabriel Landeskog(5.571)-Nathan Mackinnon(6.3)-Mikko Rantanen(9.25)
    Andre Burakovsky(4.00)-Nazem Kadri(4.5)-Joonas Donskoi(3.9)
    Matt Calvert(2.85)-Brett Howden(.863)-JT Compher(3.5)
    Shane Bowers(.925)-Scott Laughton(2.3)-Martin Kaut(.875)
    PE Bellemare(1.8)/Austin Wagner(.900)

    Samuel Girard(5.0)-Erik Johnson(6.0)
    Nikita Zadorov(3.75)-Cale Makar(.925)
    Bowen Byram(.894)-Ian Cole(4.25)
    Ryan Graves(1.5)

    Philip Grubauer(3.33)
    Pavel Francouz(UFA)

    Cap Hit-72.85
    Signings-Andre Burakovsky 3 yrs 12 mil(4/yr), Nikita Zadorov 4 yrs 15 mil(3.75/yr), Ryan Graves 1 yr 1.5 mil
    UFAs-Matt Nieto, Colin Wilson, Mark Barberio, Pavel Francouz, Jayson Megna, TJ Tynan, Kevin Connauton, Jacob MacDonald, Mark Alt

    24-Kaiden Guhle, LHD Prince Albert Raiders(WHL)
    76-Roby Jarventie, LW Ilves(Liiga)
    117-Theo Rochette, C Quebec Remparts(QMJHL)
    148-Daniel Ljungman, C Linkoping(SuperElit)
    175-Logan Barlage, C Lethbridge Hurricanes(WHL)
    195-Theo Nordlund, LHD Frolunda(SuperElit)
    210-Maximilian Glotzl, LHD Kolner(DEL)

    Trades-Tyson Jost for Brett Howden+2021 5th, Valeri Nichushkin for Austin Wagner, Vladislav Kamenev for Scott Laughton+2020 7th
    Trade block
    want- physical mid 6 forward, starting goalie
    available-all prospects other than Byram

    Gustav Nyquist(5.5)-Pierre-Luc Dubois(7.0)-Cam Atkinson(5.875)
    Nick Foligno(5.5)-Alexander Wennberg(4.9)-Oliver Bjorkstrand(2.5)
    Alexander Texier(.900)-Boone Jenner(3.75)-Josh Anderson(2.5)
    Sonny Milano(1.25)-Brandon Dubinsky(5.85)-Riley Nash(2.75)
    Emil Bemstrom(.925)

    Ryan Murray(4.6)-Seth Jones(5.4)
    Zach Werenski(5.0)-David Savard(4.25)
    Scott Harrington(1.6)-Markus Nutivaara(2.7)
    Nicolas Meloche(.700)

    Joonas Korpisalo(2.0)
    Aaron Dell(2.5)

    Cap Hit-79.2
    Buyout-Scott Hartnell(1.25)
    Signings-Sonny Milano 1 yr 1.25 mil, Josh Anderson 2 yrs 5 mil(2.5/yr), Joonas Korpisalo 1 yr 2.0 mil, 1 yr 2.5 mil, Pierre-Luc Dubois 8 yrs 56 mil(7.0/yr), Nicolas Meloche 1 yr 700k, Aaron Dell 1 yr 2.5 mil

    Trades-Elvis Merzlikins, Vladislav Gavrikov and Adam Clendening for Ryan Merkley, Nicolas Meloche, Aaron Dell and picks 37+83

    Draft Picks
    22-Braden Schneider, RHD Brandon Wheat Kings(WHL)
    37-Jake Neighbours, LW Edmonton Oil Kings(WHL)
    83-Maxim Beryozkin, LW/RW Loko Yaroslavl(MHL)
    115-Dylan Garand, G Kamloops Blazers(WHL)
    146-Leo Loof, LHD Farjestad(SuperElit)
    177-Linus Loof, C Farjestad(SuperElit)
    208-Ben King, RW Red Deer Rebels(WHL)
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2020
  8. Eich Jackel aka Ristostadt

    Feb 21, 2014
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    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000
    Orlando, FL

    Sam Reinhart - 7 years, $52.5M ($7.5M AAV)
    Brandon Montour - 4 years, $18M ($4.5M AAV)
    Victor Olofsson - 2 years, $9M ($4.5M AAV)
    Linus Ullmark - 2 years, $7M ($3.5M AAV)
    John Larsson - 2 years, $4M ($2M AAV)
    Lawrence Pilut - 2 years, $2.5M ($1.25M AAV)
    Andrew Oglevie - 2 years, $1.5M ($750K AAV)
    Curtis Lazar - 1 year, $1M
    Casey Mittelstadt - 1 year, $874,125
    Tage Thompson - 1 year, $874,125
    John Gilmour - 1 year, $750K
    Jonas Johansson - 1 year, $735K

    Signed to ELC's
    Marcus Davidsson, Oskari Laaksonen

    Pending UFA's Available
    Vladimir Sobotka, Michael Frolik, Jimmy Vesey, Conor Sheary, Scott Wilson, Zach Bogosian, Matt Hunwick, Dalton Smith, Casey Nelson, Andrew Hammond

    Pending RFA's Available
    Brandon Hickey, Matthew Spencer, Remi Elie

    #53 Jeff Skinner ($9,000,000) - #9 Jack Eichel ($10,000,000) - #23 Sam Reinhart ($7,500,000)
    #68 Victor Olofsson ($4,500,000) - XXX - #20 Nino Niederreiter ($5,250,000)
    #74 Rasmus Asplund ($845,000) - #37 Casey Mittelstadt ($874,125) - #90 Marcus Johansson ($4,500,000)
    #27 Curtis Lazar ($1,000,000) - #22 Johan Larsson ($2,000,000) - #72 Tage Thompson ($874,125)
    #21 Kyle Okposo ($6,000,000) - XXX

    #26 Rasmus Dahlin ($925,000) - #55 Rasmus Ristolainen ($5,400,000)
    #10 Henri Jokiharju ($925,000) - #62 Brandon Montour ($4,500,000)
    #24 Lawrence Pilut ($1,250,000) - #33 Colin Miller ($3,875,000)

    #35 Linus Ullmark ($3,500,000)
    #40 Carter Hutton ($2,750,000)

    Team Payroll: $75,468,250
    Buyout (Cody Hodgson): $791,667
    Total Cap Hit: $76,259,917
    Cap Space: $7,740,083

    Rochester Americans
    C.J. Smith - Jansen Harkins - Matej Pekar
    Arttu Ruotsalainen - Jean-Sebastien Dea - Marcus Davidsson
    Andrew Oglevie - XXX - XXX
    XXX - XXX - XXX

    John Gilmour - Jacob Bryson
    Oskari Laaksonen - Casey Fitzgerald
    XXX - XXX

    Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen
    Jonas Johansson

    Unsigned Prospects

    CHL: F Cole Perfetti (Round 1), F Antonio Stranges (Round 2)

    Europe: D Linus Cronholm (Round 4), F Filip Cederqvist (Round 5), F Lukas Rousek (Round 6), D William Worge Kreu (Round 7)

    College: D Ryan Johnson (Round 1), D Mattias Samuelsson (Round 2), G Erik Portillo (Round 3), F Aaron Huglen (Round 4), F Linus Weissbach (Round 7)

    Draft Picks
    2020 - 4th, 5th, 5th (TOR), 7th, 7th (DAL)
    2021 - 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th
    2022 - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th

    To Buffalo: Nino Niederreiter
    To Carolina: Zemgus Girgensons, Miska Kukkonen, 2021 6th

    To Buffalo: 2020 5th (#138)
    To Florida: Evan Rodrigues

    To Buffalo: Jansen Harkins
    To Winnipeg: Jake McCabe
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2020
  9. BTrotts19 Registered User

    May 17, 2013
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    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000
    LI, NY

    Lee ($7.0M) - Barzal ($8.75M) - Eberle ($5.5M)
    Beauvillier ($2.1M) - Nelson ($6.0M) - Bailey ($5.0M)
    Bellows ($0.894M) - UFA ($x.xM) - Wahlstrom ($0.925M)
    Johnston ($1.0M) - Cizikas ($3.35M) - Clutterbuck ($3.5M)
    Ex. Komarov($3.0M), Dal Colle ($0.70M)

    Pelech ($1.6M) - Pulock ($5.0M)
    Leddy ($5.5M) - Boychuk ($6M)
    Toews ($2.5M) - Mayfield ($1.45M)
    Ex. Dobson ($0.894M)

    Varlamov ($5.0M)
    Greiss ($3.33M) pending UFA

    CAP: $78.4M (inclusive of Greiss expiring contract and excluding 3C free agent)

    Ladd - Koivula - Holmstrom
    Carpenter - St Denis - Hosang (AHL)
    Durandeau (AHL) - Jobst - Fritz
    XXX - Bardeau (AHL) - Bracco (AHL)

    Aho - Wilde
    Hickey - Quennville
    Wortherspoon - Hutton
    Ex. Vande Soppel (AHL), Kapla (AHL)


    Bolded = potentially available

    - Middle 6 Center (scorer)

    Barzal 6y/$8.75M AAV
    Pulock 5y/$5.0M AAV
    Toews 5y/$2.5M AAV
    Vande Soppel 2y/$0.725M AAV
    St Denis 1y/$0.725M AAV
    Hutton 3y/$0.925M AAV
    Wortherspoon 2y/$0.800M AAV
    Released: Martin, Brassard, Kuhnhackl,
    1. Acquire Bracco (TML) for '21 3rd Rd & '20 6th Rd (180 OA)

    Draft Picks:
    1-25 Hendrix Lapierre, LC, Chicoutimi QMJHL
    2-56 Kasper Simontaival, RW, Finland, Tappara Liiga
    3-87 Dylan Peterson, RC, USA/Canada, NTDP U18
    4-118 Jacob Dion, LD, Drummondville Voltigeurs
    5-149 Wyatt Schingoethe, LC, Waterloo Black Hawks
    6-180 Traded to Toronto
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2020
  10. Stud Muffin Registered User

    Jan 2, 2014
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    Trophy Points:
    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000
  11. King Weber Registered User

    Apr 9, 2015
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    Trophy Points:
    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000



    Left WingCenterRight Wing
    #9 Filip Forsberg (6,000,000)#92 Ryan Johansen (8,000,000)#33 Viktor Arvidsson (4,250,000)
    #10 Colton Sissons (2,857,143)#95 Matt Duchene (8,000,000)#64 Mikael Granlund (UFA)
    #23 Rocco Grimaldi (UFA)#13 Nick Bonino (4,100,000)#15 Craig Smith (UFA)
    #19 Calle Jarnkrok (2,000,000)#8 Kyle Turris (6,000,000)#51 Austin Watson (1,100,000)

    Left DefensemanRight Defenseman
    #59 Roman Josi (9,059,000)#4 Ryan Ellis (6,250,000)
    #14 Mattias Ekholm (3,750,000)#57 Dante Fabbro (925,000)
    #5 Dan Hamhuis (UFA))#7 Yannick Weber (UFA)

    #35 Pekka Rinne (5,000,000)#74 Juuse Saros (1,500,000)
    Extras ($0)

    #42 Colin Blackwell (UFA)#52 Matt Irwin (UFA)
    #32 Yakov Trenin (RFA)
    Roster Size: 15 Players
    Buyouts: N/A
    Retained Salary: N/A
    Buried: $341,667
    Cap Hit: $69,532,810
    Cap Space: $14,467,190

    Draft Picks:

    1st, 2nd, 2nd (NJD), 3rd, 3rd (MIN), 5th, 6th

    1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th

    1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th



    Pending UFA's:

    Mikael Granlund
    Craig Smith
    Rocco Grimaldi
    Yannick Weber
    Matt Irwin
    Colin Blackwell
    Dan Hamhuis
    Miikka Salomaki
    Daniel Carr
    Frederick Gaudreau
    Matt Donovan
    Troy Grosenick

    RFA's Not Qualified:


    Expiring Rights




    AHL: Rem Pitlick (C), Lukas Craggs (LW), Josh Wilkins (C), Eeli Tolvanen (LW), Zachary Magwood (C), Mathieu Olivier (RW), Tanner Jeannot (LW), Michael McCarron (RW), Anthony Richard (LW), Miikka Salomaki (RW), Daniel Carr (LW), Frederick Gaudreau (C), Jeremy Davies (D), Brandon Fortunato (D), Jarred Tinordi (D), Alex Carrier (D), Frederic Allard (D), Matt Donovan (D), Steven Santini (D), Connor Ingram (G), Troy Grosenick (G)

    CHL: Vladislav Yeryomenko (RD), Philip Tomasino (C/RW), Yegor Afanasyev (LW/RW),

    NCAA: Jachym Kondelik (C), Patrick Harper (LW/RW), David Farrance (LD), Grant Mismash (LW/RW), Spencer Stastney (LD), Tomas Vomacka (G), Marc del Gaizo (D),

    USHL: Alexander Campbell (LW), Ethan Haider (G)

    Europe/Russia: Milan Kloucek (G), Hardy Haman-Aktell (LD), Konstantin Volkov (G), Niclas Westerholm (G), Semyon Chistyakov (D), Isak Walther (LW/RW), Juuso Parssinen (C),





    Left WingCenterRight Wing
    #14 Jamie Benn (9,500,000)#91 Tyler Seguin (9,850,000)#10 Corey Perry (UFA)
    #13 Mattias Janmark (UFA)#24 Roope Hintz (RFA)#47 Alexander Radulov (6,250,000)
    #34 Denis Gurianov (RFA)#12 Radek Faksa (RFA)#16 Joe Pavelski (7,000,000)
    #11 Andrew Cogliano (3,250,000)#18 Jason Dickinson (1,500,000)#15 Blake Comeau (2,400,000)


    Left DefensemanRight Defenseman
    #23 Esa Lindell (5,800,000)#3 John Klingberg (4,250,000)
    #4 Miro Heiskanen (694,166)#45 Roman Polak (UFA)
    #2 Jamie Oleksiak (2,137,500)#28 Stephen Johns (2,350,000)


    #30 Ben Bishop (4,9166,666)#35 Anton Khudobin (UFA)


    #37 Justin Dowling (750,000)#5 Andrej Sekera (UFA)
    #42 Taylor Fedun (737,500)

    Roster Size: 15 Players
    Buyouts: $450,000
    Retained Salary: N/A
    Buried: N/A
    Cap Hit: $62,035,832
    Cap Space: $21,964,168

    Draft Picks:

    1st, 4th, 5th, 6th

    1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th

    1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th



    Pending UFA's:

    Mattias Janmark
    Corey Perry
    Roman Polak
    Andrej Sekera
    Anton Khudobin
    Martin Hanzal
    Oula Palve
    Michael Mersch
    Reece Scarlett

    RFA's Not Qualified:


    Expiring Rights


    Last edited: Jan 21, 2020
  12. jvr32 Registered User

    Oct 24, 2016
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    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000

    Jonathan Marchessault ($5.0M) - William Karlsson ($5.9M) - Reilly Smith ($5,0M)
    Max Pacioretty ($7,0M) - Paul Stastny ($6,5M) - Mark Stone ($9,5M)
    Chandler Stephenson (RFA) - Cody Glass ($0,863M) - Alex Tuch ($4,75M)
    William Carrier (RFA) - ????? - Valentin Zykov (RFA)

    Shea Theodore ($5,2M) - Nate Schmidt ($5,95M)
    Nicolas Hague ($0,791M) - Brayden McNabb ($2,5M)
    ??? - ???

    Marc-André Fleury ($7,0M)
    Malcolm Subban (RFA)

    Cap Space: $15,040,000

    Pending UFAs: Ryan Reaves, Deryk Engelland, Cody Eakin, Tomas Nosek, Nick Holden, Jon Merrill

    Top Prospects:
    Peyton Krebs, Lucas Elvenes, Jack Dugan, Kaedan Korczak, Ivan Morozov, Pavel Dorofeyev, Peter Diliberatore, Isaiah Saville

    Needs: Looking to add to blue line.

    To Vegas: Kristian Vesalainen
    To Winnipeg: Nicolas Roy

    Draft Picks:

    #17 Dawson Mercer
    #48 Thomas Bordeleau
    #58 Eemil Viro
    #64 Luke Evangelista
    #79 Donovan Sebrango
    #141 Drew Commesso
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2020
  13. 5cotland Registered User

    Jan 23, 2015
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    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000

    Draft Picks

    Last edited: Jan 22, 2020
  14. Vanquish Registered User

    Mar 14, 2018
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    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000

    Giroux, Claude
    Hayes, Kevin
    Voracek, Jakub
    van Riemsdyk, James
    Couturier, Sean
    Konecny, Travis
    Raffl, Michael
    Laughton, Scott
    Pitlick, Tyler
    Farabee, Joel
    Patrick, Nolan
    Aubé-Kubel, Nicolas

    Provorov, Ivan
    Niskanen, Matt
    Gostisbehere, Shayne
    Braun, Justin
    Hägg, Robert
    Sanheim, Travis
    Morin, Samuel
    Myers, Philippe

    Elliott, Brian
    Hart, Carter

    Cap Hit: $80,332,579
    Cap Space: $3,667,421
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2020
  15. Tryamkin Never gonna give you up...

    May 18, 2015
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    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000
    J.T. Miller / Elias Pettersson / Jake Virtanen*
    Tanner Pearson / Bo Horvat [C] / Loui Eriksson
    Antoine Roussel / Adam Gaudette* / Brock Boeser
    Michael Ferland / Jay Beagle / Brandon Sutter [A]
    Tyler Motte*, Josh Leivo

    Alexander Edler [A] / Troy Stecher*
    Quinn Hughes / Chris Tanev* [A]
    Oscar Fantenberg* / Tyler Myers
    Jordie Benn

    Jacob Markström
    Thatcher Demko

    Top Prospects:
    LW/RW Vasili Podkolzin
    LW Nils Hoglander
    C Tyler Madden
    RD Jett Woo
    LD Olli Juolevi
    RW Kole Lind
    G Michael DiPietro
    C Zach MacEwen
    RD Brogan Rafferty
    G Arturs Silovs
    C Arvid Costmar
    C/RW Linus Karlsson

    LD Jack Rathbone
    RW Will Lockwood
    LW Jonah Gadjovich
    LD Toni Utunen
    RW Nikolay Goldobin
    LW Sven Baertschi

    Bold - Available
    Italic - FA
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2020
  16. Rare Jewel Patience

    Jan 11, 2007
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    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000
    Leaf Land

    Roster info to come.

    Taking offers on Dumba, Zucker and possibly Dubnyk as well.

    Kiril Kaprizov, 2 year ELC, $925k
    Kaapo Kahkonen, 2 year, $850k

    RFA's qualified
    Jordan Greenway
    Luke Kunin
    Carson Soucy
    Brennan Menell
    Nico Sturm
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2020
  17. Get North Registered User

    Aug 25, 2013
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    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000

    Kyle Connor ($7,142,857) - Blake Wheeler ($8,250,000) - Patrik Laine ($6,750,000)
    Nikolaj Ehlers ($6,000,000) - Mark Scheifele ($6,125,000) - Bryan Little ($5,291,666)
    Mathieu Perreault ($4,125,000) - Andrew Copp ($2,280,000) - Jack Roslovic ($2,500,000)
    David Gustafsson ($817,500) - Adam Lowry ($2,916,666) - Nicolas Roy (720,000)
    Mason Appleton ($1,200,000)

    Josh Morrissey ($6,250,000) - Neal Pionk ($3,000,000)
    Jake McCabe ($2,850,000) - Tucker Poolman ($775,000)
    Dylan Samberg ($925,000) - Ville Heinola ($925,000)
    Sami Niku ($900,000)

    Connor Hellebuyck ($6,166,666)
    Mikhal Berdin ($758,333)

    Dustin Byfuglien - LTIR
    Cap Space: $7,940,478


    Jack Roslovic, 3 years, $2,500,000 per.
    Mason Appleton, 2 years, $1,200,000 per.
    Sami Niku, 1 year, $900,000.
    (ELC) Dylan Samberg, 3 years, $925,000 per.

    Top 10 Prospects:
    Ville Heinola
    Dylan Samberg
    David Gustafsson
    Declan Chisholm
    Santeri Virtanen
    Henri Nikkanen
    Leon Gawanke
    Harrison Blaisdell

    2020 Draft Picks:
    13th overall - Connor Zary, C, 6'0
    44th overall - Shakir Mukhamadullin, LD, 6'3
    75th overall - Simon Knak, LW, 6'1
    137th overall - Senna Peeters, C, 6'1
    168th overall

    Bold = trade block
    Logan Stanley
    Michael Spacek
    Carl Dahlstrom
    Nelson Nogier
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2020
  18. Janne Niinimaa "Character"

    Sep 28, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:
    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000


    Chris Kreider - 6 years, $37,500,000 ($6.25M AAV)
    Erik Haula - 4 years, $18,000,000 ($4.5M AAV)
    Alexandar Georgiev - 2 years, $6,500,000 ($3.25M AAV)
    Joel Edmundson - 3 years, $9,000,000 ($3M AAV)
    Warren Foegele - 2 years, $3,500,000 ($1.75M AAV)
    Lucas Wallmark - 2 years, $3,500,000 ($1.75M AAV)
    Zemgus Girgensons - 3 years, $4,500,000 ($1.5M AAV)
    Trevor Van Riemsdyk - 1 year, $1,500,000 ($1.5M AAV)
    Haydn Fleury - 1 year, $1,250,000 ($1.25M AAV)


    Chris Kreider ($6,250,000) - Sebastian Aho ($8,454,000) - Teuvo Teravainen ($5,400,000)
    Andrei Svechnikov ($925,000) - Jordan Staal ($6,000,000) - Ryan Dzingel ($3,375,000)
    Warren Foegele ($1,750,000 ) - Erik Haula ($4,500,000 ) - Martin Necas ($863,333)
    Brock McGinn ($2,100,000) - Lucas Wallmark ($1,750,000) - Jordan Martinook ($2,000,000)
    *** Zemgus Girgensons ($1,500,000)

    Jacob Slavin ($5,300,000) - Dougie Hamilton ($5,750,000)
    Jake Gardiner ($4,050,000) - Brett Pesce ($4,025,000)
    Joel Edmundson ($3,000,000 ) - Chase Priskie ($925,000)
    *** Haydn Fleury ($1,250,000), Trevor Van Riemsdyk ($1,500,000)

    Alexandar Georgiev ($3,250,000)
    Petr Mrazek ($3,125,000)

    Cap Hit - $76,042,333
    Cap Space - $7,957,667

    [CAR/NYR] : 2020 1st (14th) + 2020 2nd (39th) + 2020 7th (200th) + Morgan Geekie + Stelio Mattheos / Chris Kreider + Alexandar Georgiev
    [CAR/BUF] : Nino Niederreiter / Zemgus Girgensons + Miska Kukkonen + 2021 6th


    - James Reimer (1 year @3,4M) Looking for ~3rd round pick value, could retain 50% for a +

    Ryan Suzuki (C)
    Jamieson Rees (C)
    Jack Drury (C)
    Eetu Luostarinen (C)
    Janne Kuokkanen (LW/C)
    Dominik Bokk (LW/RW)
    Patrik Puistola (RW)
    Julien Gauthier (RW)
    Jake Bean (LHD)
    Jesper Sellgren (LHD)
    Domenick Fensore (LHD)
    Antoni Honka (RHD)
    Oliwer Kaski (RHD)
    Miska Kukkonen (RHD)
    Pyotr Kochetkov (G)
    Alex Nedeljkovic (G)

    1st Round - 15th OV: Jan Mysak (C)
    2nd Round - 46th OV: Yan Kuznetsov (LHD)
    3rd Round - 72nd OV: Pavel Novak (RW)
    3rd Round - 77th OV: Simon Kubicek (RHD)
    4th Round - 108th OV:
    7th Round - 201st OV:
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2020
  19. AveryStar4Eva Registered User

    Aug 28, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:
    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000

    Cap Hit: 81.448
    Cap Ceiling: 84.000
    Cap Space: 2.552

    Volkov (0.900/1) - Stamkos (8.500/4) - Kucherov (9.500/7)

    Killorn (4.450/3) - Point (6.750/2) - Johnson (5.000/4)

    Anderson-Dolan (0.748/2) - Cirelli (5.000/3) - Puljuarvi (1.000/1)

    Verhaeghe (1.000/1) - Paquette (1.650/1) - Stephens (0.900/1)

    Hedman (7.875/5) - Cernak (3.000/3)

    McDonagh (6.750/6) - Sergachev (5.000/3)

    Coburn (1.700/1) - Foote (0.925/1)

    Vasilevskiy (9.500/7)

    McElhinney (1.300/1)

    Scratch: XXX, XXX, XXX


    Cerelli - 5.000/3
    Sergachev - 5.000/3
    Cernak - 3.000/3
    Puljuarvi - 1.000/1
    Verhaeghe - 1.000/1
    Stephens - 0.900/1
    Volkov - 0.900/1


    RD - Justin Barron, 18, WMJHL
    C - Lukas Reichel, 17, DEL
    LW - Nolan Foote, 19, WHL
    C - Tyson Foerster, 18, OHL
    LW - Alex Barre-Boulet, 22, AHL
    RW - Taylor Raddysh, 21, AHL
    RD - Jack Thompson, 17, WHL
    RW - Oliver Suni, 17, OHL
    LD - Danila Galenyuk, 19, KHL
    LW - Gabriel Fortier, 19, QMJHL
    G - Hugo Alnefelt, 18, Sweden
    RW - Maxim Cajkovic, 18, QMJHL

    2020 Picks:

    1st - TBL, VAN
    2nd - TBL, EDM
    3rd - TBL
    4th - TBL, DET
    5th -
    6th - TBL, OTT
    7th - TBL

    2021 Picks:

    1st - TBL
    2nd - TBL
    3rd - TBL
    4th - TBL, LAK
    5th - TBL
    6th - TBL
    7th - TBL, NSH, NJD

    2022 Picks:

    1st - TBL
    2nd - TBL
    3rd - TBL
    4th - TBL
    5th - TBL
    6th - TBL
    7th - TBL
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2020
  20. heusy_79 9 - 20 - 8

    May 17, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:
    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000
    Worst Case, Ontario

    R. Getzlaf - 8.25M
    A. Henrique - 5.825M
    J. Silfverberg - 5.25M
    R. Rakell - 3.758M
    N. Ritchie - 1.5M
    D. Grant - 1.15M
    C. Rowney - 1.133M
    N. Deslauriers - 1M
    T. Terry - 925k
    S. Steel - 863k
    M. Comtois - 820K
    S. Carrick - 700k
    C. Perry - 6.63M (buyout)

    In the system- T. Zegras, I. Lundestrom, B. Tracey, M. Jones, D. Sprong, B. Groulx, A. Morand, K. Sherwood, J. Kopacka


    C. Fowler - 6.5M
    H. Lindholm - 5.21M
    J. Manson - 4.1M
    E. Gudbranson - 4M
    M. Del Zotto - 1M
    C. Jones - 850k
    J. Larsson- 800k
    K. Holzer - 700k

    In the system- J. Mahura, B. Guhle, S. Benoit


    J. Gibson - 6.4M
    A. Stolarz - 750k

    In the system- L. Dostal

    Trade Talk

    Looking to move Henrique, consistent 40+ points and can play anywhere in your top 9.

    Will not be asking Getzlaf to waive his NMC

    Willing to listen on Rakell or Kase. Quality over quantity, will take an impressive offer.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2020
  21. uncleben Global Moderator

    Dec 4, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:
    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000
    My face is my mask.
    Erin, Ontario
    Florida Panthers


    Jonathan Huberdeau A (26, LW/C, 5.9) | Aleksander Barkov C (24, C, 5.9) | Brett Connolly (27, RW/LW, 3.5)
    Evgenii Dadonov (30, LW/RW, 6.90787) | Vincent Trocheck A (26, C/RW, 4.75) | Noel Acciari (28, RW/C, 1.666667)
    Frank Vatrano (25, LW/RW, 2.533333) | Aleksi Heponiemi (21, C, 0.925) | Colton Sceviour (30, RW/LW, 1.2)
    Dmytro Timashov (23, LW, 0.8) | Evan Rodrigues (26, C/RW, 0.8) | Owen Tippett (20, RW, 0.863333)
    --- | --- | Rodrigo Abols (24, RW, 0.8175)
    | |
    Jayce Hawryluk (24, LW/C, 0.9) | Dominic Toninato (25, C, 0.75) | Serron Noel (19, RW, 0.925)
    Karl Bachman (22, LW, 0.765) | Aleksi Saarela (23, C/LW, 0.75) | Patrick Bajkov (22, RW/LW, 0.809166)
    Dryden Hunt (24, LW/RW, 0.715) | Jonathan Ang (21, C, 0.745) | Cliff Pu (21, RW, 0.745)
    --- | --- | Jack Rodewald (25, RW, 0.7)
    Acciari M-NTC, Dadonov M-NTC, Huberdeau NMC

    Keith Yandle (33, LD, 6.35) | Aaron Ekblad A (23, RD, 7.5)
    Michael Matheson (25, LD, 4.875) | Anton Stralman (33, RD, 5.5)
    Riley Stillman (21, LD, 0.773333) | Brett Kulak (26, LD, 1.0)
    Tommy Cross (30, LD, 0.725) | ---
    Linus Nassen (21, LD, 0.809167)) | Joe Duszak (22, RD, 0.8)
    Vladislav Kolyachonok (18, LD, 0.809167)) | Benjamin Finkelstein (22, RD, 0.765)
    Jake Massie (22, LD, 0.77) | Joshua Brown (25, RD, 0.8)
    --- | Ethan Prow (27, RD, 0.725)
    --- | Brady Keeper (23, RD, 0.7)
    Stralman M-NTC, Yandle NMC

    Sergei Bobrovsky (31, G, 10.0) | Chris Driedger (25, G, 0.85)
    Ryan Bednard (22, G, 0.8175) | Samuel Montembeault (23, G, 0.8)
    Bobrovsky NMC

    Mike Hoffman (30, LW/RW, 5.1875 M-NTC), Brian Boyle (35, C/LW, 0.94), Joel Lowry (28, LW, 0.7), Paul Thompson (30, RW, 0.675 ), Ryan Haggerty (26, RW, 0.675), Curtis Valk (26, C, unsigned), Miguel Fidler (23, LW, unsigned), Patrick Shea (22, C, unsigned)
    Mark Pysyk (28, RD, 2.733333)

    Henrik Borgstrom (22, C, 0.925), Anthony Greco (26, RW, 0.7), Maxim Mamin (25, LW/RW, unsigned)
    MacKenzie Weegar (26, RD, 1.6), Thomas Schemitsch (23, RD, 0.715)
    Philippe Desrosiers (24, G, 0.7)

    Unsigned Prospects
    Mavrik Bourque (18, C, '20), Jaromir Pytlik (18, C, '20), Ryder Rolston (18, RW, '20), Matthew Rempe (17, C, '20), Cole Schwindt (18, RW, '19), Henry Rybinski (18, C, '19), Owen Lindmark (18, C, '19), Matthew Wedman (20, LW, '19), Grigori Denisenko (19, LW, '18), Logan Hutsko (20, C, '18), Justin Schutz (19, LW, '18), Alexander Kadeykin (25, C, '14)
    Brock Faber (17, RD, '20), Victor Mancini (17, RD, '20), John Ludvig (19, LD, '19), Carter Berger (20, LD, '19), Cole Krygier (19, LD, '18), Santtu Kinnunen (20, RD, '18), Max Gildon (20, LD, '17), Tyler Inamoto (20, LD, '17)
    Spencer Knight (18, G, '19), Sergei Gayduchenko (30, G, '07)

    Retained Salary
    Jason Demers (31, RD, 0.5625)
    Scott Darling (31, G, 2.333333)
    Recapture Penalty
    Roberto Luongo (40, G, 1.094128)

    Projected 2020-21 Cap Hit: 78.127
    Projected 2019-20 Cap Space: 5.873
    Contracts: 43

    Draft Picks:

    1st (20th) - Mavrik Bourque, C
    2nd (51st) - Jaromir Pytlik, C
    3rd (82nd) - Ryder Rolston, RW
    3rd (86th; via COL) - Brock Faber, RD
    7th (192nd; via SJS) - Victor Mancini, RD
    7th (206th) - Matthew Rempe, C
    1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 6th (via LAK), 7th, 7th (via WPG)
    1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th

    Evgenii Dadonov - 3 yrs, $6.90787M
    Jayce Hawryluk - 2 yrs, $0.9M
    Joshua Brown - 2 yrs, $0.8M
    Samuel Montembeault - 1 yr, $0.8M
    Dominic Toninato - 2 yrs, $0.75M
    Aleksi Saarela - 1 yr, $0.75M
    Dryden Hunt - 1 yr, $0.715M
    Jack Rodewald - 1 yr, $0.7M
    Brady Keeper - 2 yrs, $0.7M
    Linus Nassen - 2 yrs, $0.809167M, ELC
    Benjamin Finkelstein - 2 yrs, $0.765M, ELC
    Karch Bachman - 2 yrs, $0.765M, ELC
    Dmytro Timashov - 2 yrs, $0.8M
    Evan Rodrigues - 2 yrs, $0.8M

    To Florida: Dmytro Timashov, Joe Duszak
    To Toronto: Denis Malgin, Greg Meireles

    To Florida: Evan Rodrigues
    To Buffalo: 2020 5th (138th; via TOR)

    To Florida: Brett Kulak (@50%)
    To Montreal: 2020 4th (113th)

    To Florida: 2020 7th (192nd; via SJS), 2020 7th (216th; via STL)
    To Toronto: 2020 6th (165th; via BUF, CAR)

    To Florida: 2021 6th (via LAK)
    To Los Angeles: 2020 7th (216th; via TOR, STL)

    Last edited: Feb 13, 2020
  22. heusy_79 9 - 20 - 8

    May 17, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:
    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000
    Worst Case, Ontario
    Seems likely that Rakell is going to move based on initial talks, so make sure to let your interest be known ASAP. Looking for a package of high end ELC talent.
  23. Duke16 Registered User

    Apr 14, 2015
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    Trophy Points:
    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000
    have Hyman, Johnsson, Kerfoot, and Kapanen available as starting points to acquire a Top 4 D

    Moore, Timashov, and Gauthier are available depth F options.

    All non-Sandin/Liljegren/Robertson and picks available as well.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2020
  24. McMozesmadness 5-14-6-1

    Feb 17, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:
    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000
    Edmonton, AB


    Zack Kassian - 4 x 3.3m
    Josh Archibald - 2 x 1.5m
    Riley Sheahan - 2 x 1.5m
    Josh Currie - 1 x 750k
    Ethan Bear - 5 x 3.3m
    Colby Cave
    Joel Persson
    Logan Day
    Shane Starrett
    Filip Berglund
    Markus Niemelainen
    Raphael Lavoie


    Sam Gagner
    Kyle Brodziak
    Markus Granlund
    Brandon Manning
    Brad Malone
    Keegan Lowe
    Nolan Vesey
    Tomas Jurco
    Cameron Hebig


    James Neal - Connor McDavid - Zack Kassian
    Jujhar Khaira - Leon Draisaitl - Alex Chiasson
    Tyler Benson - Ryan N.Hopkins - Kailer Yamamoto
    Ryan McLeod - Riley Sheahan - Josh Archibald
    Joakim Nygaard - Gaetan Haas - Patrick Russell

    Oscar Klefbom - Adam Larsson
    Darnell Nurse - Ethan Bear
    Caleb Jones - Matt Benning
    Kris Russell - Joel Persson

    Mikko Koskinen
    Shane Starrett


    Joakim Nygaard
    Mike Smith
    Patrick Russell
    Darnell Nurse
    Jesse Puljujarvi
    Matt Benning
    Gaetan Haas


    Kris Russell
    James Neal
    Jujhar Khaira
    Jesse Puljujarvi (RFA)

    Alex Chiasson
    Matt Benning
    Joel Persson

    Darnell Nurse
    Adam Larsson
    Phillip Broberg

    Top Six Forwards
    Top Pair Defenceman
    Backup Goalie with Potential
  25. heusy_79 9 - 20 - 8

    May 17, 2007
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    Trophy Points:
    SB Cash:
    $ 100,000
    Worst Case, Ontario
    Anyone else finding that the email notification system is messed up? I'm just getting emails this morning to indicate PMs I received here yesterday.

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