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    The Flames are particuarly interested in aquiring draft picks and defender prospects as we turn our eye to making sure our roster is cap compliant for the next few seasonas and see if we can jump start this years. Can take back equal salary to that moved out (in fact, that's a preference, for a roster player in most of these deals).

    RYAN GETZLAF - The Flames #1 C is still a PPG player in the NHL and a current NHL All-Star who shows no signs of slowing down when he's on the ice. Has mammoth ratings in the sim and performs. He's been out for several months in the HFNHL but is due back in the next couple of weeks. On the last year of his contract but can be auto-extended at $8 mil per season (which, given current contracts is a steal.). Minimum is a 1st round pick in 2019, prospect (defender prefered but not mandatory) and roster player.

    ALEXANDER STEEN - A versatile player who has helped the Flamettes stabilize their season after being moved to the top line. 2-way player who remains one of the best forwards in St. Louis. Expiring contract but can also be extended at just $6 million per season. Since Anisimov just garnered a 2nd and Steens rating are much better than his, this is the starting price. May consider a package of picks if multiple 3rds are the high point.

    DANNY DEKEYSER - In the peek of his career and he's seen a resurgence this season in Detroit, will have improved ratings next season. Playing over 21 minutes a night. He's only 28, making just $3.75 this season, pending UFA but can autosign an extension as he's signed longer term in the NHL. Flames are looking at a first day pick (or equvalent prospect) and roster player.

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