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Discussion in 'New York Rangers' started by Gardner McKay, Nov 1, 2018.

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    Hey everyone.

    With the 2018-2019 season officially underway, I feel as if now would be a good time for an update to the board rules.

    First and foremost, site rules/terms and conditions can be found HERE - If you have not read the rules in a while, I would recommend taking a few minutes to give yourself a quick refresher.

    Board Specific Rules/Items

    Flaming - The team has officially begun their rebuild process and this could be the beginning of a frustrating era for New York Rangers hockey. There will be heated debates. There will be some very frustrating times. There will never be a good reason to attack your fellow posters, here or on other parts of HF. Always treat others as you would like to be treated.

    Trolling - We will NOT allow trolling on our forum. We have seen a large uptick in the amount of passive-aggressive posts where the sole intent is to provoke the other person and it needs to stop.

    Additionally, bringing something to HFNYR from another section of HF where the only intent is to either provoke our own fans or provoke another fan base, will NOT be tolerated. Our board will not be used to covertly troll/flame other fans/fan bases.

    If you see a poster trolling, don't respond. REPORT IT.

    Vetting - If you have a legitimate source and would like to provide insider information to our board, great! But... you must be vetted prior to posting any insider information. For details on the vetting process, please PM someone from our moderator team (direct links to our profiles are at the bottom of the post). If anyone attempts to post insider information without being vetted, it will be deleted. Repeated attempts may result in a warning/reply ban/30+ day ban from HF.

    Use of "Rags" - To all those who are visiting HFNYR from other boards, welcome! We are thrilled that you have come to join the conversation! With that being said, using the term Rags to describe the Rangers is considered derogatory and will ALWAYS be considered trolling.

    Moderators - We work hard to make HFNYR a great place, we are not perfect, we do make mistakes and, we are all volunteers. With that being said, if you disagree with something that one of us does, please let us know PRIVATELY. Also, please consider your tone when messaging us. We work hard to treat everyone fairly and equally, with respect and dignity, and we do expect the same in return.

    Miscellaneous - You have the ability to delete your own posts. Threads are still capped at 1,000 posts. Public discussion of ignore lists is prohibited.

    Ticket Sales -
    Nothing has changed.
    • Be sure to list the section, row, and seat numbers of the tickets you're selling. You may also wish to include other information like "more leg room!" or "Rangers shoot twice!"
    • List your asking price and any shipping costs or seller fees if applicable. Site administration has recently reminded us that selling tickets for more than face value is not permitted by law in many jurisdictions, so it cannot be allowed here. However, you can always sell tickets below face if you so desire or list tickets at face value and include reasonable charges (such as PayPal fees) that would otherwise come out of your pocket. You MUST list a price. Posts with no prices or that say "PM me for prices" will be deleted and violators subject to moderator action.
    • Making the sale of tickets or making the price of tickets contingent on the purchase of pre-season tickets or other items is strictly prohibited.
    • Remember to mark your post as SOLD once the tickets are sold.
    • Please don't over-post your tickets; we want to give everyone a chance to post tickets if they have them.
    • Anyone posting games for sale at face value or lower and then raising the prices to market value when prospective purchasers make contact via PM will be banned from the ticket resale thread.
    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to your mod team: Killem Dafoe, Aufheben, Gardner Mckay, Krams, Chytil

    Thank you and Let's Go Rangers!!!!!
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