2018/19 Red Wings Ticket Exchange

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    1) Tickets may not be priced higher than face value, defined as the publicly stated single game price for the ticket if you were buying direct from the Wings box office, plus any applicable fees from the purchase (box office fees, service charges, etc) or re-sale (paypal fees and the like). You may also charge based on any sort of premium pricing or price scaling that the Wings do for different games. That said, the intent of this thread is and always was to provide an outlet for fans to find someone who can use tickets they can't and recoup their costs. It is not meant to be a for-profit operation. So please be reasonable about your charges with an eye toward recovering costs rather than making profit. If you somehow got tickets super cheap because of some sort of deal or connections, consider passing those savings along to the purchaser here, or going to an alternate resale market like stubhub if your intent is to generate a tidy profit from the sale.

    2) If you are selling, you must disclose your price publicly in this thread. "PM me for price" is not acceptable. Everyone must be able to see what you're charging. Unlisted prices, or prices that are found to differ from what is disclosed publicly will have their posts deleted and may result in further sanctions such as banning the user from this thread or appropriate infractions.

    3) If you find someone violating the above rules, let a moderator know or use the report post function of the boards. Adhering to these rules is how we are allowed to have these threads, meaning that significant violations could result in us losing the right to have sale/exchange threads here. Keeping in line with what HF requires is the best thing for everyone. Better that someone lose out on the ability to sell their tickets than everyone lose out on the opportunity altogether.
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