2004 Draft Picks... rank your team.

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  1. leafaholix*

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    It's passed the mid-way mark of the hockey season. Take the players your team selected in the 2004 draft and rank them on where they stand in terms of your personal organization list (top 20 prospects in your organization, etc...)

    Maple Leafs:

    1. Robbie Earl (selected 187th, a top 7 prospect)
    2. Dimitri Vorobiev (selected 157th, a top 7 prospect)
    3. Roman Kukumberg (selected 113th, a top 10 prospect, OA)
    4. Justin Pogge (selected 90th, #3 goalie prospect)
    5. Jan Steber (selected 252nd, #20-25 prospect)
    6. Max Semenov (selected 220th, #20-25 prospect)
    7. Pierce Norton (selected 285th, HS prospect still... tough to rank)
  2. Evilo

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    Mar 17, 2002
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    It's way too early to call anyone a bust or a future star, but here goes :

    2 C Evgeny Malkin
    Was a no-brainer at the time, and he's done nothing to make anyone think he'll be anything but a star.

    31 W Johannes Salmonsson
    Had trouble cracking his team's lineup in the SEL, but his showing in the WJC has impressed. I like the pick.

    61 D Alex Goligoski
    Was considered a huge reach in the second round, but now looks like one of the steals of the draft. Had a disapointing WJC showing though.

    67 R Nick Johnson
    Solid pick a this point. Is doing well this year.

    85 C Brian Gifford
    Haven't heard much about him this year.

    99 C Tyler Kennedy
    Has played well this year.

    130 D Michal Sersen
    Looks like a good pick. He sure has some tools.

    164 R Moises Gutierrez
    He's doing what everyone expects of him : tough hockey.

    194 D Chris Peluso
    Haven't heard about him this year.

    222 C Jordan Morrison
    Has played well this year.

    228 G David Brown
    Was considered a possible steal this late, but hasn't been under-average this year. His good numbers last year were probably a result of team play.

    259 C Brian Ihnacak
    Has been great this year. His "steal" status is still big.

    My ranking :
    Evgeny Malkin (top 2 prospect)
    Johannes Salmonsson (top 10 prospect)
    Alex Goligoski (top 10 prospect)
    Nick Johnson (top 25)
    Brian Ihnacak (top 25)
    Michal Sersen (top 30)
    Tyler Kennedy (top 35)
    Jordan Morrison (top 40)
    Brian Gifford (outside top 40)
    Moises Gutierrez (outside top 40)
    Chris Peluso (outside top 40)
    David Brown (outside top 40)

    Keep in mind the Pens have amazing depth. A fixture of two Canada WJC teams isn't part of our top 20 (Dixon).
  3. kmad

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    Jun 16, 2003
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    1. Cory Schneider (selected 23rd, #2 goalie prospect (Auld), top 5 overall)
    2. Julien Ellis-Plante (selected 189th, #3 goalie prospect (Auld, Schneider), top 10 overall)
    3. Alexander Edler (selected 91st, #4 defensive prospect (Koltsov, Skinner, Bieksa), top 15 overall)
    4. Mike Brown (selected 159th, top 20)
    5. David Schulz (selected 254th, top 10 defensive, top 25 overall)
    6. Jannik Hansen (selected 287th, top 30)
    7. Andrew Sarauer (selected 125th, I hated this pick)
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