1985-86 National Hockey League goaltender game logs

Discussion in 'The History of Hockey' started by Doctor No, Dec 3, 2005.

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    http://hockeygoalies.org now has 1985-86 game logs for NHL goaltenders online.

    The following goaltenders made their NHL debuts in 1985-86, and their logs are now complete: Daniel Berthiaume, Craig Billington, Alain Chevrier, Marc D'Amour, Glenn Healy, Terry Kleisinger, Mark LaForest, Darrell May, Kirk McLean, Daren Puppa, Chris Pusey, Bill Ranford, Sam St. Laurent, Kari Takko, and Wendell Young.

    The following goaltenders finished their NHL careers in 1985-86: Marc Behrend, Dan Bouchard, Don Edwards, Denis Herron, Darren Jensen, Terry Kleisinger, Pelle Lindbergh (RIP :( ), Corrado Micalef, Eddie Mio, Chris Pusey.

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