15 year old dies at Thunder camp

Discussion in 'The Rink' started by sidelines, Apr 11, 2005.

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    A 15 year old kid died on Friday night during the Drayton Valley Thunder (AJHL) rookie camp. He was coming off the ice onto the bench and collapsed, but got back up. He was helped up off the ice and then tried to walk it off in the hallway. He hadn't been hit or had anything happen to him on the ice, but he collapsed in the hallway from heart complications. It was believed he had previous problems with his heart.

    Don't got a story link, but just terrible, RIP. I only caught his first name, Michael, and he was from Calgary.
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    apparently he was GEE12, a 15 year old who posted regularly on the modsquad boards. its eerie - i read a post of his thursday or friday and now he is gone. his posts made him seem like a good kid, never an attitude - just seemed to love hockey like the rest of us. looking forward to getting his license and things like that. RIP. condolences to his family and friends - there arent any words.
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