12th overall 2005: who between...?

Discussion in 'Mock Drafts' started by Marc-E-, Jul 3, 2005.

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    In my fantasy keeper ligue, we will do soon the draft. Each year, it have astonnishing surprise to see guys really drop in rankings. Last year, I've got the 19th selection and I jump on Rostislav Olesz! I was really happy, cos he've been selected 7th in real life. I'm wondering, if I should grab a guy who slides or been risky. At 12th, I think a guy like Skille, O'marra, Bergfors, Zagrapan or Bourret will be there. I really like Berfors, but Bourret is a kind of guy that I find hard to pass over. Would you rather pick a guy with a high reward but chances to be a bust or safety pick, even they have no guarantee? If, I would listen me, my feeling are around a guy like Andrew Cogliano, who reminds me the best of Mike Comrie. And Bergfors seems so natural. So, who would you rather pick? Safe or risky? :dunno:
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