1 minute left in the game... which 5 Canadian players do you put on the ice?

Discussion in 'International Tournaments' started by RoyIsALegend*, May 28, 2004.

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  1. Thought this would be a fun exercise.


    Lemieux - Sakic - Iginla
    Pronger - Blake

    Anybody else?
  2. Owen Wilson

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    Feb 21, 2003
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    depends what the score is
  3. What is the situation?

    Ahead? Down? Tied?
  4. Oh, I'm sorry... your team is down by 1 goal.

    Make up a 6th attacker, as well.

    My 6th would likely be Joe Thornton.
  5. Phanuthier*

    Phanuthier* Guest

    What you said, and my 6th attacker would be St Louis.

    If you're down a goal with a minute left, you want guys that can find pucks, be in the right place at the right time, and bury their chances.

    Close 2nd goes to Kariya, followed by Richards for me.
  6. canucksfan

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    Lemiuex Sakic Iginla
    Blake Niedermeyer
    ex Heatley
  7. Except Paul Kariya isn't on the team.
  8. Hitman*

    Hitman* Guest

    Jarome Iginla
    Joe Sakic
    Dany Heatley
    Rob Blake
    Scott Niedermayer
    Martin St.Louis
  9. You would also want a guy who could win a faceoff for you.

    Sakic is pretty good on the draws.


    LW: Lemieux
    C: Sakic
    RW: Iginla
    D: Blake
    D: Niedermayer
    EA: Joe Thornton

    I picked this roster as I think having 2 solid and big board/corner presences (Iginla and Thornton) are beneficial because if the puck gets trapped in the corner you don't want the other team winning the battles or else it is game over.

    I would have Iginla parked in the right low slot area, and Thornton in the left low slot area. I would want them to screen the other teams goalie, and to knock away at rebounds. They are each also responsible for going after the pucks in the corners of their respective sides of the rink.

    I would then have Sakic skating around the high slot, getting ready to unleash one-timers.

    I would have Lemieux alongside the left boards making passes.

    I would have Blake and Niedermayer firing away from the point after receiving passes from Lemieux, and also have them feeding cross-ice passes to Sakic.
  10. incawg

    incawg Registered User

    Mar 7, 2003
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    I agree with all of the above, except I would use Bertuzzi as the the EA instead of Thornton. Nobody can cause chaos in front of the net like Bert. Of course, this is a moot point for the World Cup (thanks Bettman).

  11. Of course I would take Bertuzzi if he had of been on Canada's World Cup team.
  12. rwilson99

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    Apr 29, 2004
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    Best arguement to add Vincent Lecavlier to Team Canada. Two highlight reel heartstopping goals on Vienza winners in the last minute with the goalie pulled.

    Against NJ in the regular season (Broduer)
    Against MON in the playoffs (Theodore)
  13. Burnaby_Joe*

    Burnaby_Joe* Guest

    Lemieux Sakic Iginla
    Niedermayer Blake

    Ex. Yzerman
  14. My extra attacker would be the biggest heaviest person you can stick in front of the net. Because Bert isn't available, I'll take Joe Thornton. He also happens to be a centerman in case the first centerman doesn't win the faceoff.

    One of my Pointmen will have the biggest cannon on the planet. Because Chopper isn't available, I'll take Rob Blake as the substitute.

    In case the center loses the draw and the puck gets shot all the way down, I'll take Scott Neidermayer.

    To make sure that doesn't happen, Sakic will be out there to take the draw. He'll also be the wrist shot option just off the top of the circle a la Markus Naslund.

    I want Mario and his 3rd eye behind his head behind the net. He's going to distribute the puck.

    Last guy? Toss up. If the draw is your own zone, I want Martin St. Louis. If the draw is already in the offensive end, I take Iginla.

    As for up a goal in the last minute? That's a whole different story.
  15. Last minute? Canada Up by One? Draw in your own zone?

    Center - Steve Yzerman.
    Say what you want about Grapes, but he's right when you want to send out TWO centerman in these kind of situations. Remember WC 96 Game 1 last minute the idiot coach doesnt' sent out the 2nd centerman?

    Second Centerman - Joe Sakic

    3rd Forward - I'd probably have Morrow or Doan.

    This is why I hated the selection of Draper and Maltby. They are just not guys I'd have out the last minute. Maltby might do something stupid. Draper might not be big enough, and not as skilled as Yzerman and Sakic.

    I wanted Peca or Madden. ARRRGGH

    D - This is easy. Foote and Pronger.
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