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  1. I am trying to complete the 05-06 Upper Deck Series' 1 and 2. My main objective is just the base sets and young guns. All the other inserts and subsets are just a bonus.

    So far, I have Series 1 base (1-200) complete. I am close to completing Series 2 base (243-442), but I am a few cards short. I do plan to buy more boxes of each series, but lets just say I need to catch up on some bills first. If anybody in the same position is willing to trade, let me know in this thread.

    Here is a list of what I'm missing...

    Series 1 Young Guns
    201. S.Crosby **
    209. B.Seabrook
    218. G.Parros
    225. A.Alberts
    230. D.Keith
    238. B.Bochenski
    239. J.Balastik

    Series 2 Base
    245. I.Bryzgalov
    303. T.Letowski
    307. J.Lehtinen
    369. M.Satan

    Series 2 Young Guns
    444. J.Carter
    446. G.Brule
    448. E.Nystrom
    449. R.Umberger
    451. R.Nilsson
    453. A.Stewart
    454. R.Suter
    456. J.Franzen
    458. P.Eaves
    459. J.Jokinen
    461. R.Whitney
    462. E.Artyukhin
    463. J.Sigalet
    464. M.Jurcina
    465. D.Patzold
    466. S.Kronwall
    468. K.Brodziak
    469. R.Craig
    470. S.Bernier
    471. M.Greene
    472. B.Tallackson
    474. M.Lapierre
    475. D.Richmond
    478. K.Bieksa
    483. V.Filppula
    484. D.Wideman

    ** = I already have this card, but is kept in a screwdown holder, in a personal safe with many of my amazing singles. I simply want a double to put with the set. So yes, that means I have one Crosby and two Ovechkin rookie cards. :yo:

    If anybody wants to check out my top singles, check out this link...

    http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/1003/The_Van/Hockey Cards/
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    HAving a card in a screwdown isn't the greatest idea in hte long run. Especially if you have it on to tight. It could seperate the card if you one day decide to take the card out. I have 2 Ovechkin rc's MVP(worth peanuts) and 1 artifacts still waiting for it though from UD. I had anotehr one but gaved it away to the son of hte owner of hte store I go to because he is a Caps fan and he and his dad gives me deals.
    Sweet 3 clr Jussi Jokinen SPX rc
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    You should be able to get some of thos young guns on ebay cheap in the summer.
  4. Yeah, that Jokinen is a beauty, although the bottom left corner came out of the pack damaged. Nothing pisses me off more.

    The screwdowns I use have a recessed area for the card. I also just went on eBay and bought a 2-card screwdown holder with recessed areas for the cards. They're not like your average piece-of-**** screwdown where it's just the acrylic pressing together on the card.

    Your Ovechkin MVP RCs are worth $30 US each...which is peanuts compared to the Young Guns or Black Diamond. Speaking of Peanuts, I got a UD Powerplay redemption card (Group C) that's going to eventually (12-16 weeks delivery) get me 10 rookie cards. The cases they will come in will be worth more than the cards themselves.

    And yes, I will be doing a lot of eBay shopping this summer. There are already a few lots of 30 some-odd Young Guns for decent prices. I don't have the cash at this point in time, but I don't think I'll buy singles from outside of Canada. Sellers south of the border charge out the a$$ to ship to Canada.
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    Do you ever go to beckett boards and try to make trades over there? Where in Canada are you from?
  6. I've browsed the Beckett boards. Haven't got serious yet.

    I'm in Prince George. We have one hobby shop here, and they sell nothing but boxes and packs. No singles. You basically have to be in the store when shipments arrive or you're not getting anything.
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    i've got a bunch of the singles/rc that your looking for, but since i'm at work i can't look at my collection right now... whatever i've got is avail... pref. for trade for players I like lol.

    pm me with your list again so that i remember to look it up ;)

    i mostly have set1

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