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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by montreal, Mar 28, 2004.

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  1. montreal

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    Mar 21, 2002
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    Yes I'm stupid enough to do another list, even though the last one went so well. :p I don't mind the flaming, as everyone wants to think their opinion is right, but it's all just in good fun, there's no real right or wrong. Lots of people will disagree with where I place some prospects, but that's what it's all about. And for the record, I've seen a lot of these guys but not all of them. So some will be way off, but I did a list of the top prospects in the draft, not who will be drafted in what order but in order of skills. Flame away it's fun to read. :handclap:

    Top 30 2004 Prospects

    1. Ovechkin no surprise there

    2. Malkin injury could effect where he's picked but the skill is there

    3. Schremp lots of skills, that's all I need to say

    4. Barker makes it look easy out there

    5. Wolski every time I see a game he plays he scores I like him a lot

    6. Thelen I've seen him several times and I'm more impressed each time

    7. Olesz To be fair I didn't see too much of him, hard to get a handle on him

    8. Schwarz- I thought he was very impressive at the wjc's

    9. Ladd The WHL guys I haven't seen too much of but he's got the size/skills

    10. Stafford- Has the skills but also plays with an edge at times smart all round

    11. Tukonen Wasn't impressive in the WJC's but has the size and works hard

    12. Lisin Haven't seen him but he's highly touted for his offensive skills

    13. Valabik Very raw but his size and physical game are impressive

    14. Green Good offensive skills

    15. Fransson skating is top notch, having a great year in the SEL

    16. Montoya Was alway solid in the games I've seen him at UM and WJC

    17. Graham Size and skating are top notch, good hands not physical though

    18. Bolland not the biggest guy but lots of skill and hard work

    19. Meszaros decent size and very good skating I only saw play once though

    20. Radulov never saw him but he's high touted for his sniper abilities

    21. Picard decent speed, skating and shot works hard and is on fire currently

    22. Chipchura solid all round

    23. ONeil big and skates very well, but not physical for his size

    24. Sindel never saw him but had a great U-18 and highly touted

    25. Pineault didn't have the best year but great size and plays physical

    26. Kaspar don't recall ever seeing him but has good size and he's highly touted

    27. Booth has a powerful skating stride, good offensive skills and plays physical

    28. Wheeling never saw but there's a ton of hype around him + has great size

    29. Berti big kid, works hard, plays physical

    30. Schultz great size just needs to work on his mobility

    Just outside the top 30, McGrath, Tesliuk, Salmonsson, Soderbergh, Zajac, Paukovich, Klubertanz, Hedman, Lyamin, Hensick, Garlock, Dubnyk, Stastny, Carson
  2. Broadway Brett

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    Mar 26, 2004
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    Florida, but born in
    Why the hell is Ovechkin #1, he SUCKS! :joker: I like the list, but I feel that there a lot of guys who could be higher, Olesz, Stafford, O'Neil, Ladd
  3. Vincent_TheGreat

    Vincent_TheGreat Registered User

    Feb 27, 2002
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    I feel that Berti could be higher. He is having a really good season after recovering from knee surgery and missing most of last year. He posted the best lap time at the TP skills competition and was in the top of the acceleration categories. I really like what this kid can do. At 6'3 192 he can skate very well and has potential to be much mor physical when he adds some muscle.
  4. db23

    db23 Guest

    My "should be higher" guy would be Adam Pineault, although I guess there is still some question if he, Thelen, Stafford, etc. will be available. The B.C. freshmen haven't played a lot, but a year ago, Pineault was rated among the top 5 1986 players in the world. Also, on sentiment, if not logic, I would put T.J. Hensick in the top 30. I doubt that he will be taken in the first round, but I bet that he will be better than half the players who are.
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