Who are the 5 best and 5 worst franchises in the post-lockout/salary cap era?

  1. Maestro84
    As crazy as it may sound, we're now a little more than 15 years removed from the lockout season and into to the salary cap. Hence, I think we're more than far enough into this era to evaluate who the best and worst franchises have been during this stretch. In my opinion:

    5 Best

    1. Pittsburgh (3 cups, 4 finals, b2b titles, 14 straight PO appearances & most PO series won)
    2. Chicago (3 cups in 6 years)
    3. Los Angeles (2 cups in 3 years)
    4. Boston (1 cup, 3 finals, 2 President's Trophies and 5 Division Titles)
    5. Washington (1 cup, 3 President's Trophies, and 10 Division Titles)

    HM: Tampa Bay, Detroit, and Anaheim

    5 Worst

    1. Florida (zero PO series won, 3 PO appearances, only one 100+ point season and 2 Division Titles)
    2. Toronto (zero PO series won, 5 PO appearances and two 100+ point seasons)
    3. Columbus (2 PO series won, 6 PO appearances and only one 100+ point season)
    4. Arizona (3 PO series won, 4 PO appearances, one 100+ point season and one Division Title)
    5. Winnipeg/Atlanta (2 PO series won, 5 PO appearances, one 100+ point season, and one Division Title)

    HM: Edmonton, Buffalo, and Minnesota

    I didn't include teams like the Vegas Golden Knights simply because they weren't around for the entire or almost the entirety of this 15-16 year stretch. Edmonton is lucky asf to have made the 06 finals or else they would've easily been on the worst five list given what they've achieved (or haven't achieved) in years since.

    Edit 2.0: One poster suggested putting Winnipeg/Atlanta as one which makes sense given all they did was switch cities so I guess Edmonton is off the hook once again
    What are your lists? :popcorn:

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