We're All a Little "Crazy"

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    We're All a Little "Crazy"


    We’re all a little "Crazy" is brought to you by the #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement & The Hockey Podcast Network".

    Darren Rovell, sports business insider
    Theo Fleury, NHL great, mental health advocate & member of the #SameHere Alliance
    Eric Kussin, 20-year professional sports executive, mental health advocate, and founder of the #SameHere global mental health movement

    We are so afraid as a society to rip the bandaid off this topic in a real way. We put our stories out there well before it was the thing to do, for a reason...because as much as they’re extreme examples of how far you can fall - they show everyone that challenging life experiences impact everyone...even those of us who have reached the top of our competitive industries.

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    “This topic isn’t for 1 in 5 of us with mental illness, it’s for 5 in 5 whose mental health has been impacted".- Theo Fleury


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