Top-100 Hockey Players of All-Time - Preliminary Discussion Thread

  1. quoipourquoi
    • Eligibility
      • Players will be judged only on their performance as hockey players
      • Currently active players are eligible, but will be judged only on what they have already accomplished
      • No, I don’t know what to do with Connor McDavid either
    • Preliminary Discussion Thread
      • Anyone may participate in this thread, even if he or she does not intend to take part in the voting round
      • Posters are encouraged to share information about players in this thread and to take information shared into account when constructing their own lists
      • For instance, did you know Roy McGiffin was in the fruit business during the off-season? Not that I am implying that he should be ranked on the viability of his Californian fruit
      • Brief comparisons between players are permitted, but detailed cases and debates should be saved for the voting round
      • Please do not rank players outright in the preliminary thread
    • Voting
      • Round 1
        • All participants submit a list of 120 players ranked in order, with all positions included
        • All eras are to be considered
        • To make it easier to aggregate the submitted lists, please list players using their most commonly used name; e.g. Tim Thomas, not Timothy Thomas Jr.; Justin Williams, not Justinus Septum Williams
        • Lists may be submitted via PM to quoipourquoi
        • Deadline for list submission is September 30
        • Players will be assigned a point value on each list based on ranking. A 1st-place vote is equal to 120 points. A 2nd-place vote is equal to 119 points. A 120th-place vote is equal to 1 point.
        • An aggregate list will be compiled ranking them in order of the most total points
        • Participants must submit a list in Round 1 to be eligible to vote in Round 2
      • Round 2
        • The top-10 ranked players from the aggregate list will be posted in a thread
        • Players will be listed in alphabetical order to avoid creating bias
        • Player merits and rankings will be open for discussion and debate for a period of five days. Administrators may extend the discussion period if it remains active
        • Final voting will occur for two days via PM. A 1st-Place vote is equal to 10 points. A 2nd-Place vote is equal to 9 points. A 10th-Place vote is equal to 1 point.
        • The top-5 players will be added to the final list, unless people start booing because of a clear break in voting after the top-4 players, at which point we might agree to hold someone back for the next round because I easily succumb to peer pressure and will go along with whatever you want
        • The exception is in Vote 1 in which only 4 players (#1-4) will be added and in Vote 21 in which only 1 player will be added (#100) because we like to do things arbitrarily for dramatic effect
        • The process repeats until we have a list of 100 players
        • Failure to retain an acceptable level of discussion may lead to an abbreviated list of no fewer than 25 players
    • Quality Assurance
      • Lists will be subject to an evaluation process
      • This is not meant to deter participation; we merely want to ensure that voters are considering all eras of hockey's history
      • The complete voting record of every participant will be released at the end of the project
      • Any attempts to derail a discussion thread with disrespect to old-time hockey will be met with frontier justice
      • We encourage interpositional discussion (forward vs. defenseman vs. goaltender) as opposed to the safer and somewhat redundant intrapositional debates. Overemphasizing a tired single-position argument like, I don’t know, Harvey/Lidstrom, will only be briefly tolerated before one is asked to move on to a less tedious comparison.
      • Take a drink when someone mentions the number of hockey registrations in a given era
      • Finish your drink when someone mentions that goaltenders cannot be compared to skaters

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