Top 10 players at each position at the end of the season

By NoName · Apr 7, 2019 · Updated Apr 7, 2019
  1. NoName
    I previously ranked the top 10 players in the NHL at the midway mark of the season in an article here: Top 10 players at each position at the mid-way mark

    Now given that game 82 was played last night and the playoffs are still a few days away, it looks like the perfect time to re-rank all the players based on this season's body of work.

    So it is the top 10 centres, wingers defencemen and goalies with 4 honourable mentions (and no more)

    NOTE: this is going by their "listed positions" on, not necessarily where they play the bulk of their ice-time.

    1) McDavid
    2) Crosby
    3) MacKinnon
    4) Barkov
    5) Draisaitl
    6) Bergeron
    7) Stamkos
    8) Tavares
    9) Point
    10) Matthews

    HM: Eichel, Scheifele, Monahan, Giroux

    1) Kucherov
    2) P. Kane
    3) Marchand
    4) Gaudreau
    5) Ovechkin
    6) Pastrnak
    7) Marner
    8) Rantanen
    9) Huberdeau
    10) Panarin

    HM: Wheeler, Landeskog, Kessel, Radulov

    1) Giordano
    2) Burns
    3) Rielly
    4) Letang
    5) Josi
    6) Carlson
    7) Hedman
    8) E. Karlsson
    9) Chabot
    10) Krug

    HM: Suter, Doughty, Yandle, Jones

    1) Vaslivskiy
    2) Bishop
    3) Lehner
    4) Kuemper
    5) Andersen
    6) Price
    7) Rinne
    8) Greiss
    9) Murray
    10) Fleury

    HM: Bobrovski, Binnnington, Dubnyk, Gibson

    NOTE: Goalie seems especially subjective given the need to strike a balance when weighing being a work-horse vs raw sv% and GAA over a more limited amount of games started (and thus a fresher, more rested goalie).

    1) Petterson
    2) Dahlin
    3) B. Tkachuck
    4) Heiskanen

    NOTE: for the top-4 rookies I just looked at teenagers. Rookies in their 20s are much more physically developed so comparing them is apples to oranges.

    So what do you guys think? What are your own 2018-2019 season top-10 lists? If someone raises a convincing argument, I am totally willing to modify my lists; I admit, I don't regularly watch all 31 teams, so I might have missed something here having just relied on the paper stats for a bunch of these guys. Just remember, if you want to move someone up into the top-10, you also have to say who you would move out to make room for him.

    NOTE: After feedback, I will make any changes in an edit and highlight how those changes affected the overall rankings of all guys in the top-10 (+ or - from original position).

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