The Ref Fix (and not what you think)

  1. Pookie
    Fans of every team whine about calls and non calls. Some cite “bias” or that the league favours Canadian, American, big market, or small market teams.

    All of that is nonsense.

    The universal truth about NHL officiating is that they don’t call everything. You can’t call everything. There would be 60 minutes of constant 3 on 3 and the box would be full. They are also human and miss things slow mo replay catches.

    A penalty in the 1st is usually not a penalty in OT. It is just is. Deal with it.

    HOWEVER, one thing that is real and a major problem is consistency from game to game. Some let things go. Some are more strict.

    Refs also do not seem to have an understanding of what is happening through the series.

    The SOLUTION is to assign Refs to a series and don’t rotate them around game by game. Teams would understand what they can and can’t get away with. Instead of a game by game variance in tolerance. Warnings to players would carry over.

    In short it would be an improvement over what we have now.

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