The 'best player' vs 'most valuable to team' problem.

  1. Filthy Dangles
    The Hart Trophy is synonymous with MVP. And MVP, is kind of ambiguous. You could interpret it as the best player i.e most valuable player in the league, or 'most valuable to his team'.

    There is a distinction, it usually goes to the best player in the league.

    Kucherov is probably the best player in the league in this year, but Tampa is so stacked with other elite players like Stamkos/Hedman/Vasilevsky. You could argue he shouldn't be punished for having good teammates, too. Malkin is basically in the same boat as Kucherov.

    On the other hand, players like Taylor Hall, Nathan Mackinnon, Connor McDavid don't have nearly the help that guys like Kucherov, Crosby, Malkin have but are putting their teams on their back and carrying them. The Oilers are still a terrible team but imagine how much worse they would be if McDavid didn't score like he does for them.

    Taylor Hall has 68 points, the next highest scorer is Hischier with 41 points. Crazy. MacKinnon is carrying the AVs, if they can sneak into a wildcard spot, I think he might deserve it.

    Who do you think it should go to?

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