The Barry Trotz Effect?

  1. Critical13
    I found this kind of interesting. Based on a very small sample, but might worth keeping an eye on.

    New York seems to have gotten much better defensively, but also seem to be very opporunistic, scoring at an average level despite being the worst team at creating High Danger scoring chances 5v5.

    Washington is hard to read - last year they were the worst team for trading chances 5v5, but they scored often and the PP was was top 10.

    I am not big into stats, I was just looking at some Leaf comparisons and the NYI numbers caught my eye so I thought I paste it into here in case anyone has something to say.

    With more team and a larger sample size, the numbers should firm up a bit, might be interesting to revisit later in the season.

    New York Islanders

    Stat (5v5)2017-2018 (Weight)2018-2019 (Trotz)
    High Danger Chances For/609th overall (11.35)31st overall (7.47)
    High Danger Chances Against/6031st overall (12.8)12th overall (10.91)
    High Danger Chances For%25th overall (47.16%)29th overall (41.54%)
    Goals For/604th overall (2.65)14th overall (2.63)
    Goals Against/6030th overall (2.98)10th overall (1.94)
    Goals For%19th overall (48.36%)10th overall (57.58%)
    Corsi For%28th overall (47.49%)30th overall (42.25%)
    Stat (5v5)2017-2018 (Trotz)2018-2019 (Reirden)
    High Danger Chances For/6021st overall (10.24)27th overall (9.45)
    High Danger Chances Against/6029th overall (12.47)27th overall (13.48)
    High Danger Chances For%31st overall (45.08%)30th overall (41.21%)
    Goals For/607th overall (2.58)12th overall (2.65)
    Goals Against/6013th overall (2.32)24th overall (2.77)
    Goals For%10th overall (52.63%)16th overall (48.84%)
    Corsi For%24th overall (47.96%)18th overall (49.22%)

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