Tampa Bay: Are we witnessing the best roster in the cap era?

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    Is Tampa Bay the best roster in the Cap era and possibly beyond that?

    I believe they definitely have a case for it.

    Breaking down the team:

    Kucherov: a top 3 winger in the league, no one will argue that. He's consistent and has tons of talent. 90-100 points
    : a top sniper, elite talent, has regained form after a hard run of injuries, and is a 80-90 point guy.
    Point: an absolute steal for the lightning. Point keeps proving his value over and over and has proven many people wrong. Loves clutch moments which makes him a fan favorite. 70-80 point player.

    Hedman: Norris contender every year.

    Mcdonagh: was considered a true #1 in his new york days and is back to form now, dominating games.

    Vasi: Top 3 goalie, vezina contender.

    So far you have 6 elite players on the roster, most of which could easily contend for trophies in any given year.

    On top of that though, you have a great compliment, with Stralman, Gourde, Johnson and Sergachev. These guys are all top 6 or top 4 players in the league.

    We're 35 games in and Tampa already has a 8 point lead on 2nd, and their pacing for nearly 130 points, clearly on a level of their own.

    And with the lightning planning on retaining Point, is this the best cap era team asembled?
    I really this is a special group that isn't getting enough love.

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