So.. Edmonton has to be the favorites coming out of the west, right?

  1. Kamiccolo
    Blues aside who get that title due to being the recent champs I guess, but Edmonton looks legit now, and I think there are a few factors.

    - Weak pacific division means in theory, they should have one of the easiest 1st and maybe 2nd rounds out of the entire league aside from whoever facing the 3rd spot in the Atlantic.

    - Draisatl has come alive and is legit. Yammo has fit like a glove with him, and they have two legit superstars better than any two currently playing (yes better than Sido and Geno in their current form).

    - McDavid is back and healthy and finally has wingers. This is the first time the Oilers have a legit top 6 in a decade.

    - 1st PP in the league and 2nd best PK. In general, being top 5 in both is an indicator of playoff success.

    - Then you look at what Draisatl produces the last time they made the playoffs, and realize McDavid is in his prime now.

    I'm not sure there is a team out west that can stop the Oilers. Have to imagine that they should be a lock for at least the WCF, and if they do not make the finals, it will be in a hard fought series deep in the playoffs.

    I personally, don't think there is a better team out west and they are likely one of the favorites if they played in the east. Maybe they are only stopped by a more experienced team from the east if they make the finals like Tampa or the Pens.

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