Should they just get rid of video review?

  1. McGoMcD
    Interesting question I think. To me video review has been a complete failure. The point is to get calls right, now they have created more confusion than they have ever helped. Players are frustrated and so are fans. At least when a ref made a wrong call on the ice people understood that they are just human and miss stuff, but people don't have patients for when you have minutes to review and still get it wrong. Here are a couple of the main reasons I think it has been a failure.

    1. The whole offside and looking at players skates on the ice. A ref in all the history of hockey never looked to see if a players foot was in contact with the ice. It may be how the rule is written down but it isn't how the real rule worked. The game is already slow enough, now you have to have players slowing down on entry to make sure their skate is on the ice? Just insane, you want to create more speed not less. Also the plays where the plays goes on for 30 seconds then they back up to find offside is just insane.

    2. Clearly goalie interference. I mean how Kesler and Perry were not interference last year, but McDavid was last night? They simply have created more confusion than they have ever helped. They are getting calls just as wrong and inconsistent before, so why bother?

    As a fan of the game I just find it is taking away the fun to watch. Last night you see a good goal in over time and get pumped, minutes later after a review it is called back and every one is confused (Including McDavid) as to why.

    I think there are ways to improve it, but if I had to vote just yes or no to it I would vote to just take it away. I think it has been a giant failure so far.


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