Should Minnesota begin a full rebuild?

  1. Hischier and Hughes
    After creating a trade thread for Jonas Brodin I came across some Minnesota fans who explained to me the direction Minnesota’s GM Fenton is likely headed and it had me wondering:

    Shouldn’t Minnesota be going into a full rebuild? Well lets take a closer look:

    Their top three point producers last year are 34 years old in Parise Staal and Suter (since they traded Granlund). Obviously I think Dumba could have contested if he stayed healthy. Then Koivu whos 35 was their sixth highest producer.

    Minnesota has some nice young pieces on the NHL offense like Fiala, Greenway, Kunin, Donato, and Eriksson-Ek. But nothing in the higher end category and some of these guys are very young and will take a few years or so to develop properly.

    Then on defense: great defense with some nice young pieces. Dumba, Brodin, and Spurgeon although hes 29 (and is rumored to be available). Suter obviously isnt getting any younger but can mentor the youth coming up for a while longer.

    Goaltending - Dubnyk and Stalock are both over 31 years old. Prospect wise I cannot attest to what they have but its not common for a starting goaltender to bloom immediately when he hits the league. Granted Dubnyk is only 32 turning 33 - if they have a prospext coming up he’d have to start getting some sheltered time in the next year or two.

    I cannot speak to the prospects Minnesota has so Im sure they have a few guys who may compete to step up next year. However, unless their prospect pool is overflowing with tons of middle to high end talent just waiting to hit the NHL.... even then that would takes 2-3 years to develop to a level where youd likely see results befitting of their status.

    For a team who has not passed the first round in quite some time - as well as missing entirely last year - their GM seems to be content with making some moves to be competitive next year (according to the fans I spoke to here on HF). So to that I ask:

    What gives? A roster thats up there in the top 5-7 oldest teams with barely any success to show for it. And unless their prospect pool is packed with high-end talent to replace three of their best players and then some over the next few years...

    Do you think Minnesota should blow it up? Have they been mediocre for too long to begin a sustainable run of success? Is their prospect pool in line with their roster’s current age?

    Curious to hear other teams’ opinions on the matter as to me it seems like Minnesota is a team who should be moving on to a new direction when the last hasn’t worked for the majority of this decade.

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