Predictions Gone Wrong - VGK Preseason Predictions

  1. mundyc3
    So with the Stanley Cup Finals starting on Monday, I figured it would be a lot of fun to look at perspectives of the Knights before October 1st and how the masses (Including most of us) have been wrong about this team. Below are some of the links to articles and HF threads to show how much different things were 11 months ago today. We all know how this team beat everyone's expectations and no one predicted this team would be any good, but let's see exactly what people said about GMGM's selections & this team going into the season. Please let me know if you find any other good ones to add.

    The Golden Knights Weren't the Only Losers in the Expansion Draft
    History shows us the Vegas Golden Knights are going to be trashed this season
    Vegas Golden Knights | NHL Preview 2017
    Season preview: Vegas Golden Knights
    Vegas Golden Knights Season Preview: 10 fearless predictions for 2017-18
    Vegas Golden Knights: 3 Keys to Success in 2017-18
    NHL Season Preview: Vegas Golden Knights
    Vegas Golden Knights Preview: Predictions, Players, Schedule & Tickets

    HF Threads:

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