NHL 2019/20 Team Rankings

By willmma · Oct 2, 2019 · Updated Nov 2, 2019
  1. willmma
    HERE WE GO AGAIN FOR 2019/20

    These team rankings are based on the ELO rating system.

    This is purely mathematical based on wins and losses. Each team has a score. That score increases or decreases based on wins and losses. The amount of change is based on the score of the opponent. Eg. If a strong team beats a weak team then they don't gain a lot of points because it is expected. If a weak team beats a strong team then they gain a lot of points and the strong team loses a bunch. It balances out. Streaks can swing a team's rankings by a lot.

    For the purposes of my calculations, each team started with 2500 points. K is 100 and doesn't change.

    NOTE: I changed the scoring system so that OT/SO wins are lesser than regular wins (half a win). And an OT/SO loss is half a loss.

    After 193 games played this season the rankings for Oct 31 2019 are:

    #Team# GPLowest ScoreAverage ScoreHighest ScoreElo Score
    1Boston Bruins122500261726942694
    2New York Islanders112440253326732673
    3Nashville Predators122477254526292629
    4Washington Capitals142447255026432623
    5Vancouver Canucks122400252626212621
    6Pittsburgh Penguins132441253626452567
    7Florida Panthers132432250125802555
    8Carolina Hurricanes122468255226442552
    9Montreal Canadiens122422249125522552
    10St. Louis Blues132434252126032552
    11Arizona Coyotes122414253626102543
    12Buffalo Sabres132500256926232542
    13Vegas Golden Knights132469253025862540
    14Colorado Avalanche122500261626802533
    15Anaheim Ducks142440254926422509
    16New York Rangers102384247525862506
    17Tampa Bay Lightning122456251525702501
    18Dallas Stars142295239425002485
    19Edmonton Oilers142425257126712482
    20Philadelphia Flyers112366249025832461
    21Toronto Maple Leafs142444250525932450
    22Calgary Flames142381246525132427
    23New Jersey Devils102333241625002423
    24Columbus Blue Jackets122406247125302418
    25Ottawa Senators112308238725002413
    26Minnesota Wild132336241325002396
    27Winnipeg Jets132395245525342395
    28Chicago Blackhawks112352241925002385
    29San Jose Sharks132348244325332385
    30Detroit Red Wings132279243025862362
    31Los Angeles Kings132326242925002326
    DivisionAvg Score
    ConferenceAvg Score

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