Manitoba Hockey – An Oral History (by Ty Dilello)

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By nabby12 · Aug 23, 2020 · Updated Aug 23, 2020
  1. nabby12
    As Manitoba celebrates its 150th birthday in 2020, it’s another great chance to reflect on the exquisite hockey history that the keystone province possesses. In "Manitoba Hockey: An Oral History", hear stories directly from the players that helped shape the great game of hockey from the beginning of the sport to the present day.


    "After having penned 'Golden Boys: The Top 50 Manitoba Hockey Players of All Time' in 2017, prolific author and hockey historian Ty Dilello has returned with another deep dive into Manitoba's hockey history. 'Manitoba Hockey: An Oral History' shines a spotlight on more luminaries from the province's proud hockey past, including a few members of the Hockey Hall of Fame, a few Stanley Cup winners, and a few Memorial Cup winners ... all of them with two things in common ... a story of a Hockey life well lived and their connection to the great province of Manitoba. Thanks to his trademark research and writing, Dilello has crafted a rich tribute to these men and their accomplishments, both on and off the ice." - Todd Denault, author of Jacques Plante: The Man Who Changed The Face of Hockey

    "The stories Ty Dilello collects in 'Manitoba Hockey: An Oral History' will resonate whether you're from Winnipeg or Washington. Through tireless research and unique interviews, he brings both famous names and forgotten stars to life with flair." - Greg Oliver, author of Father Bauer And The Great Experiment: The Genesis of Canadian Olympic Hockey.

    "As a follow up to 2017’s Golden Boys, Ty Dilello has added a couple of dozen more stories and interviews to his already comprehensive review of the history of hockey in Manitoba. 'Manitoba Hockey: An Oral History' is a well-written, thoroughly researched book that is a must-read for both casual fans and students of the game." - George Grimm, author of We Did Everything But Win.

    The book is available on Amazon here:

    Here's a little about me: TY DILELLO is an accredited writer with the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and is a member of the Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR). He has been a hockey fan since Peter Bondra led the Washington Capitals to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1998. Ty plays extensively on the World Curling Tour in the winter and can probably be found on a tennis court during the summer months.

    Basically my life revolves around writing about hockey history and curling! I also just started a new book project doing the biography of Bill Mosienko, one of Winnipeg's all-time great athletes. So I'm very excited for that one and hope to get on with a good local publisher.

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