Henrik Lundqvist is Still a Top NHL Goaltender

  1. Fataldogg
    Lundqvist received a great deal of criticism for his performance last season. He deserved that criticism. After posting seven consecutive years with a .920SV%+ (.921, .923, .930, .926, .920, .922, .920) he posted a .910SV%. By many fans, especially Ranger fans, not only was he no longer considered elite, but he was not a "good" starter in the NHL.

    During the last playoff, Lundqvist posted a .927SV%. He was the main reason the Rangers beat Montreal in the goaltender duel against Carey Price, but also a contributing factor to their loss against the Senators.

    This season he started with a rough October, but since November has been a top-5 goaltender in the NHL at the age of 35.

    On the season he has 17W a 2.59GAA and .920SV%.

    Since November 1st Lundqvist has a 2.26 GAA (5th in NHL), .931SV% (5th in NHL) and 14W (2nd in NHL) while playing on a team which typically has poor puck possession numbers and routinely gets out chanced by their opposition. It's also important to note he has been an absolute work horse for the team this season (organization has no faith in Pavelec).

    How much does he still have left in the tank? Where does he currently rank among NHL starters? Are we too quick to dismiss a huge body of work for any player when a world class player has an off season?

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