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This game up in the GT thread last night and I want to explain why Canada is far ahead of the US in rolling this out. [URL=""]TSN 4K Broadcast Schedule -[/URL] TV Schedule for Sportsnet 4K As you can see both of Canada's sports networks are doing more and more games and next month TSN will show The Masters in 4K produced by CBS and ESPN that won't be available in the US. The US broadcast networks seem to be following the same blueprint that they followed with HD some 15-20...
Let's say you are granted the choice to purchase any car/vehicle of your liking to drive. What's your pick? It could be a car you plan on driving as your daily vehicle or more of a collector/special occasion vehicle. Your call.
The Rink is a forum for the enjoyment and benefit of the "not ready for the spotlight" ice hockey players - recreational, non-competitive and derivative. The readers and mods will be happy to help with appropriate advice and suggestions about equipment, instructional situations, organizational questions, safety concerns or other topics that will make your experience at the rink better. To facilitate communicationsplease use appropriate wording and phrasing that does not activate or...
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