Best late round drafting team since 1990

  1. Mitch nylander
    Late round as in 3rd round and onwards.

    For me


    1990 - ) Vyacheslav Kozlov (3rd round), Stewart Malgunas ( 4th Round), Jason York (7th round)
    1991 -) Chris Osgood (3rd round), Mike Knuble (4th round)
    1992 -) Dan Mcgillis (10th round)
    1993 -) John Jakopin (4th round), Norm Maracle ( 5th round)
    1994 -) Tomas Holmstrom ( 10th round )
    1995 - 1996 - 1997 -) n/a
    1998 -) Pavel Datsyuk (6th round)
    1999 -) Henrik Zetterberg ( 7th Round )
    2000-2001 -) None
    2002 -) Valterri Filppula (3rd round ), Derek Meech ( 7th round ), Jonathan Ericsson ( 9th round )
    2003-) Kyle Quincey ( 4th round )
    2004 -) Johan Franzen ( 3rd round )
    2005 -) Daren Helm ( 5th round )
    2006 -) n/a
    2007 -)
    Joakim Andersson ( 3rd )
    2008 -) Gustav Nyquist ( 4th )
    2009 -) Andrej Nestrasil ( 3rd ) , Nick Jensen ( 5th )
    2010 -) Petr Mrazek ( 5th )
    2011 -) Alan Quine ( 3rd ), Alexei Marchenko (7th)
    2012 -) Andreas Athanisiou ( 4th )
    2013 -) Matthias Janmark ( 3rd )

    Most Notable : Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg, Tomas Holmstrom, Johan Franzen, Vyacheslav Koslov, Chris Osgood, and Valterri Filppula

    Best Drafts Prior : 1989 -) Nicklas Lidstrom, Sergei Fedorov , Dallas Drake, Sergei Kostantinov
    1983 - ) Joey Kocur, Petr Klima, Stu Grimson, Bob Probert,
    1981 - ) Corrado Micalef, Gerard Gallant, Rick Zombo, Robert Nordmark, Greg Stefan, Larry Trader

    *note these are only stating late round picks

    Overall Analysis -) So many great talented forwards. There drafting abilities in the late round lead to multiple successful teams, to many cup finals. Datsyuk was phenomenal in a class of his own. Zetterberg hit 92 points in his prime overall an amazing player. Holmstrom, Franzen, Filppula, Kozlov, Nyquist, Knuble all spent time in top 6s. Darren Helm, is a great bottom sixer. Athanisou and Janmark are on their way to top 6 forwards. Jason York was a Solid defender, and as is Ericsson. Quincey was decent. Osgood was a legitimate number 1, Mrazek is a decent 1b type, Maracle was an okay backup.

    You could make a pretty impressive team only using 3rd and onwards with the wings.

    This forward core is pretty sick

    Kozlov - Datsyuk - Knuble
    Holmstrom - Zetterberg - Franzen
    Athanisiou - Filppula - Nyquist
    Helm - Andersson - Janmark
    Pulkinnen - Quine - Nestrasil
    Laing - Sykora - Ritola
    Mursak - Callahan - McDonnell
    all logged games...

    decent defence w/ Jason York, Jonathan Ericsson , Dan Mcgillis, Kyle Quincey, Derek Meech, Nick Jensen, Alexei Marchenko, John Jakopin, Stewart Malgunas

    with Osgood, Mrazek, Maracle, and Mcintyre in net

    Understandable if no team beats it. I'm looking to see other impressive draft teams.
    No need, to do a big analysis like above. Also don't worry about being bias and posting your own teams, I'm quite interested learning about most teams, and how successful, they've been in the later rounds. I'm assuming teams who've drafted well late lead to team success. Like I stated above, Detroit won 4 stanley cups, and made the finals 6 times throughout this time frame, and most of their core players were drafted in the later rounds.

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