Articles from Zack Kelly

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  1. Top 10 Struggling Players at Mid-Point of Season

    This is going to be about anyone from star players to solid players who aren't preforming up too scratch this season. This top 10 is in no particular order and is my personal opinion with analytics to back up my picks I figured this was a good time to do this because 1. Anze Kopitar After a dynamite 92 point season LA fans had to be expecting a little bit more from him but with just 27 points with just 9 goals in 41 games Kopitar hasn't been able to get the ball rolling all season also just...
  2. Most Surprising and Biggest Let Downs

    After the preliminary round I have decided on my choices for the most surprising performances and the biggest let downs so far! Most Surprising: 1. Ryan Poehling I myself as a Habs fan has been dieing too see this kid in the red white and blue but is patiently waiting for his arrival, his performance in the world juniors has been very reassuring too how solid of a player he is he plays a 200FT game and has been one of if not the best player thus far is the tournament leading in points and...
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