Articles from Tweed

  1. Cup Success Measured Against Field Size

    I thought it would be fun to measure the "value" of a Stanley Cup, year-by-year, as determined by the number of teams competing for it. This idea came about when I was thinking about how the 1950s Habs 5-straight Cups weren't as impressive to me as say; the Hawks 3-in-6. The reason is that I don't personally find it "impressive" that 1 team wins a cup in a small field of 6 teams. I might be underestimating the difficulty in that, but it's moot, really. So with that in mind, I set about...
  2. Post-mortem on the season

    Here's where I think we lost this season, kind of in order: -Scheduling. Too many B2B games, with 2nd game in different city than the 1st game, and 2nd game coming against non-B2B teams who were rested. After playing almost 3 seasons worth of hockey in 2 years, I have no idea why the NHL decided to saddle us with the categorically-worst schedule. I think it really hampered our ability to maintain championship level of play. -We screwed up by making chemistry-altering moves at the trade...
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