Articles from Robert Gordon Orr

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  1. Early Europeans in North America

    I thought it would be neat thing to take a look at the early European players who got attention from North Americans. Players that were put on negotiaion lists of NHL clubs, were invited to training camps or just generally were commented on that they could play in the NHL. When time permits I will look at each and everyone of them, how they did at the training camps, or just comment on their chances to make it over in North America. Of course, the criteria is that they spent their...
  2. 100 things the NHL wished never happened

    In the long history of the NHL there have been many moments that the league wished never happened. Some on my list are of course made tongue-in-cheek, and I only restricted myself to 100. Do you have any other examples of incidents in the NHL that led to bad publicity or was just embarrassing to the league in general, sad stuff, or stuff that happened behind closed doors that the league tried to put a lid on? 1918 – “Montreal Arena in flames” – Montreal Wanderers 1919 – “Spanish...
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