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  1. Historic probability to finish at a certain position based on previous year's position

    Its maybe not the most interesting data, but I did a little study looking at how likely it is for a team finishing at a certain position one year, to finish at any given position the next year (its based on all seasons post-lockout). For me this was interesting because I was wondering how often teams have made big jumps in the standings. Of course everyone knows of examples of teams going from the top to the bottom over night, or vice versa, but I didn't really have a feel for if it was...
  2. Ola's Top 31 for the 2019 Draft

    MY TOP 31 DRAFT 2019 I did this last season too. My main purpose is to watch these kids play, form my own opinion -- stick my neck out if you want -- and carefully create my own ranking, so that I can look back at it in 2-3 years, 5 years and even 10 years and see what I got right and what I got wrong and learn from it. A few comments to start with: * Players not ranked have not been considered, basically. I have mostly viewed the international tournaments, the Hlinka, 5 nations and the...
  3. Ola's Top 31 For the 2018 Draft

    My top 31 picks for the 2018 NHL Draft with scouting reports for each player.
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