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  1. Would implementing "hybrid offside" make hockey better?

    I've had an idea about changing the offside rule for a while now - I can't remember exactly when I first had it, and I may have seen it somewhere else. If this has been proposed before, feel free to post a source so it can get credit. Essentially, what I am proposing is a dynamic blue-line, very similar to offside in soccer. The offside line would no longer always be the blue-line, but would instead be a line parallel to the blue-line located where the furthest back defender is. The...
  2. Dallas Stars: Season Preview

    Jim Nill and the Dallas Stars need a banner year this upcoming season. Benn and Seguin’s primes will only last for so long, and the Stars need more success (namely, playoff success) before their elite talent runs out. A team that’s often been surprisingly difficult to garner expectations for, Dallas has a rather bizarre history since Jim Nill took over the team. Two playoff appearances, including one as the top seed in the Western Conference, have given this team a taste of success. But...
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