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  1. So.. Edmonton has to be the favorites coming out of the west, right?

    Blues aside who get that title due to being the recent champs I guess, but Edmonton looks legit now, and I think there are a few factors. - Weak pacific division means in theory, they should have one of the easiest 1st and maybe 2nd rounds out of the entire league aside from whoever facing the 3rd spot in the Atlantic. - Draisatl has come alive and is legit. Yammo has fit like a glove with him, and they have two legit superstars better than any two currently playing (yes better than Sido...
  2. Defense - Is it Really About the System or the Talent?

    Defense is more than just the level of skill in the guys playing. It is a system. Then I started thinking about other teams that have good defense but don't see the results.
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