Articles from Butch26

  1. Butch's Top Prospects

    Hi everyone, I always remember that I am French language first, and to write these words it is difficult for me, so be indulgent How I proceed for my list: I'm little bit different from other scout. A lot of scout will look habit of each player(How he play defensively, short shift, hard, go to the net etc) and it a very big big part of the game. You want these info when you make a selection but these thing its not my thing. I'm not as good as other to evaluate that. I'm more concentrated on...
  2. Butch's Top 130 Prospects

    Hey guys ! Finally posting it after receiving couple of PM . Here my annual top prospect list . Few thing to know before reading it : - No goalie because I have zero knowledge of the position - I'm a skills coach/scout in the Q so no player from the Q included for no bia . Lot of player could en up here - I'm a French Canadian with , so my first language is french that why my bad English . I'm open to question/comment and i will respond Few take on the list : - Bowen Byram is my less good...
  3. Butch's List of the top 175 Drafted Prospects

    I humbly post my list every January since three year ago of my favorite prospect in the world , not in the NHL . Because of my y lack of knowledge of the Goaltender , i excluded of the list . I don't think i have a crystal ball but i watch a lot of junior hockey and i love to make my personal list . Keep in mind that i'm very far to being a bilingual guy , i usually speak french so it's normal that my sentence is not always good , so sorry for that . I appreciate question/comment . I...
  4. Butch's top 150 Prospect List

    10. Timothy Liljegren 9. Casey Mittelstadt 8. Eeli Tolvanen 7. Jesse Puljujarvi 6.
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