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  1. It's phishing season. Members should beware of an email informing them their password is about to expire. You should delete it. This is a scam to steal passwords.
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  1. Halfway mark statistical analysis of top 20 point producers

    Some have really stepped up their game lately. But once we choose to do so, we introduce a personal bias into the analysis since there is no objective way to decide which player's last season's stats are more indicative of predicting this year's performance and which player's career stats are better suited for the task
  2. Quarter Season Statistical Analysis of Top 20 Point Producers

    We are at the quarter mark of the season and it seems like the highest scoring season in a long time. We have 50 players producing at PPG pace or better! So let's take a look at the top 20 scorers (since I didn't feel like doing the top 50) and compare their up-to-date production against their career production and see which players are likely going to sustain their pace, improve it or see it degrade over the course of the season. I have used ioSH% (on-ice shooting percentage) as the...
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