All-star team selected by NHL coaches (1927 to 1941)

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    For the seasons 1926-27 to 1929-30, NHL coaches were polled for their all-stars of the season to create all-star teams. I've posted the 1926-27 and 1927-28 teams previously. The 1929-30 teams are new to me and I don't think they have been posted here. (thanks to Pam Coburn for the article).

    I think we're just missing the full 1928-29 team.


    From the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, April 3, 1927, p. 41

    1926-27 all star teams -

    No vote totals for this year, unfortunately. And the newspaper article indicates that several writers' votes were included along with the coaches.

    First team
    LW George Hay, Chicago
    C Frank Fredrickson, Detroit/Boston
    RW Bill Cook, Rangers
    D King Clancy, Ottawa
    D Duncan Munro, Maroons
    G George Hainsworth, Canadiens

    Second team
    LW Aurel Joliat, Canadiens
    C Frank Boucher, Rangers
    RW Howie Morenz, Canadiens
    D Ivan Johnson, Rangers
    D Herb Gardiner, Canadiens
    G John Ross Roach, Toronto

    Third team
    LW Dick Irvin, Chicago
    C Bill Carson, Toronto
    RW Hooley Smith, Ottawa
    D Eddie Shore, Boston
    D George Boucher, Ottawa
    G Roy Worters, Pittsburgh

    The coaches also voted Bill Cook as the most valuable player, with 9 of 10 selecting Cook and one picking Bill Carson.



    From the New York Evening Post, Saturday, March 24, p. 15 11/New York Evening Post/New York NY Evening Post 1928 Grayscale/New York NY Evening Post 1928 Grayscale - 2255.pdf

    Just the coaches voted on this one. Cecil Hart, Eddie Gerard, Dave Gill, Connie Smythe, Shorty Green, Art Ross, Lester Patrick, Jack Adams, Odie Cleghorn, and Hugh Lehman.

    The second team was composed using the second place votes only, not first place votes. Full voting results were in the article.

    First team
    LW George Hay, Detroit
    C Howie Morenz, Canadiens
    RW Bill Cook, Rangers
    LD Ivan Johnson, Rangers
    RD Eddie Shore, Boston
    G Roy Worters, Pittsburgh

    Second team
    LW Aurel Joliat, Canadiens
    C Frank Boucher, Rangers
    RW Harry Oliver, Boston
    LD Herb Gardiner, Canadiens
    RD King Clancy, Ottawa
    G George Hainsworth, Canadiens

    Full voting

    George Hay 4-2
    Aurel Joliat 1-4

    Howie Morenz 3-0
    Hec Kilrea 2-2
    Percy Galbraith 0-1

    Howie Morenz 7-0
    Frank Nighbor 3-0
    Frank Boucher 0-3
    Frank Fredrickson 0-2
    Hib Milks 0-1.5
    Normie Himes 0-1
    Bill Carson 0-0.5

    Bill Cook 7-3
    Hooley Smith 2-1
    Harry Oliver 0-3
    Hec Kilrea 1-0
    Aurel Joliat 0-1
    Jimmy Ward 0-1
    Art Gagne 0-1

    Ivan Johnson 4-1
    Herb Gardiner 2-3

    King Clancy 3-0
    Reg Noble 1-0
    Art Duncan 0-1.5
    Hap Day 0-1
    Eddie Shore 0-1
    Duncan Munro 0-1
    Lionel Hitchman 0-0.5

    Eddie Shore 9-0
    King Clancy 0-3

    Reg Noble 1-0
    Ivan Johnson 0-3
    Hap Day 0-1
    Red Dutton 0-1
    Sylvio Mantha 0-1

    Roy Worters 7-1
    George Hainsworth 1-4

    Alec Connell 1-3
    John Ross Roach 1-1


    "TORONTO, March 21 - Writing in the Globe, Bert Perry says: "Only one member of the Maple Leafs - Irvin Bailey - has been selected for the 1928-29 all-star N.H.L. team. The selection is made by the votes of the various managers in the circuit, no manager being able to vote for a player of his own team. The result of the polling shows Worters of the Americans in goal; Clancy, Ottawa, and Shore, Boston, defense; Bailey, Toronto, right wing; Morenz, Canadiens, center and Joliet, Canadiens, left wing. The highest possible vote a player can get is nine, and Clancy got 8, Worters and Shore seven each, and the rest five each. Other players and votes were as follows: Hainsworth, 2; Thompson, Bruins, 1; Mantha 5; Conacher 1; Bill Cook, 3; Oliver, 1; Ward, 1; Boucher, Rangers, 1; Stewart, 1; Hay, 2; Kilrea, 2. The Hart Trophy award for the Most Valuable Player in the league is likely to go to Roy Worters."

    22 Mar 1929, 11 - The Ottawa Citizen at


    1. Roy Worters 7
    2. George Hainsworth 2
    3. Tiny Thompson 1
    Note: All votes accounted for.


    1. King Clancy 8
    2. Eddie Shore 7
    3. Sylvio Mantha 5
    4. Lionel Conacher 1
    Note: These should add up to 20, but there is an extra vote

    Left Wing:

    1. Aurel Joliet 5
    2. George Hay 2
    3. Hec Kilrea 2
    Note: There is 1 missing vote


    1. Howie Morenz 5
    2. Frank Boucher 1
    3. Nels Stewart 1
    Note: There are 3 missing votes

    Right Wing:

    1. Ace Bailey 5
    2. Bill Cook 3
    3. Harry Oliver 1
    4. Jimmy Ward 1
    Note: All votes accounted for.


    From the Boston Traveller, April 2, 1930

    See the attached PDF for the article (thanks Pam Coburn!)

    First team
    LW Hec Kilrea, Ottawa
    C Cooney Weiland, Boston
    RW Dit Clapper, Boston
    LD Lionel Hitchman, Boston
    RD Eddie Shore, Boston
    G Tiny Thompson, Boston

    Second team
    LW Howie Morenz, Canadiens
    C Nels Stewart, Maroons
    RW Bill Cook, Rangers
    LD Sylvio Mantha, Canadiens
    RD King Clancy, Ottawa
    G Roy Worters, Americans

    Partial voting results

    Hec Kilrea (5-x)
    Howie Morenz (1-4)

    Aurel Joliat (2-x)
    Dutch Gainor (1-x)
    Nels Steward (1-x)

    Cooney Weiland (4-1)
    Nels Stewart (2-3)

    Dit Clapper (x-x), 1 more first team vote than Cook
    Bill Cook (x-x), several second team votes
    Frank Finnegan (2-2)
    Hooley Smith (1-2)

    Tiny Thompson (7)
    Roy Worters (1)

    Lionel Hitchman (6-3)
    Sylvio Mantha (x-x)

    Eddie Shore (4-3)
    King Clancy (2-3)

    Sylvio Mantha, Lionel Hitchman, Ivan Johnson received votes.

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