100 Things Maple Leafs Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die, 2020 Re-Edition (Leonetti & Patskou)

Presented in association with the Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR). Whether you're a die-hard booster from the early days of Conn...
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    About the book:

    Whether you're a die-hard booster from the early days of Conn Smythe or a new supporter of Randy Carlyle, these are the 100 things all Maple Leaf fans need to know and do in their lifetime. Authors Michael Leonetti and Paul Patskou have collected every essential piece of Maple Leafs knowledge and trivia, as well as must-do activities, and ranked them, providing an entertaining and easy-to-follow checklist as you progress on your way to fan superstardom. From trivia on legendary players like Syl Apps, Turk Broda, Ted Kennedy, Dave Keon, Tim Horton, Darryl Sittler and Mats Sundin or famous comedic references on the Maple Leafs made in movies and television, to knowing the best places to catch a game, 100 Things Maple Leafs Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die is the ultimate resource guide for true fans of the Leafs.

    This is an updated version from 5 years ago that brings the book up to date. There are several new stories and many other chapters have been revised. New entries include:
    • The Ultimate Road Trip
    • Worst Leaf Trades
    • Best Leaf Fighters
    • Best Maple Leaf Trades
    • Oddities at Leaf Games
    • Best Late Round Picks
    • Miscalculations by Leaf Management
    • Who Should Be Added to Legends Row
    • Is There a Goalie in the House?
    • Leaf Nation – Out of This World
    • Toronto Maple Leaf Fan Talks
    • Next Generation Game
    • The Barilko Puck
    • The Return of David Keon
    • Top 100 Maple Leafs
    About the authors:

    Michael Leonetti was the bestselling author of the children’s books, The Greatest Goal and My Leafs Sweater, as well as The Game We Knew: Hockey in the Fifties, and its companion volumes Hockey in the Sixties and Hockey in the Seventies. Unfortunately, Mike Leonetti passed away 4 years ago but his excellent work is still represented in this new version.

    I, Paul Patskou, am a writer, researcher and video archivist and a contributing member of the Society for International Hockey Research. In 2008 I was the awarded of the Brian McFarlane Award for outstanding research. I live in Toronto and have been involved in several Leaf related books and documentaries and was the 'Historical Consultant' for 'Leafs TV'.

    Order the new version of the book: https://www.amazon.com/Things-Maple-Leafs-Should-Before/dp/1629378372/

    Reading extract:

    9. Best Leaf Fighters – Pre-1970

    Orland Kurtenbach – Cudworth, Saskatchewan – Best stand-up boxer in league – destroyed Terry Harper and others.
    Fern Flaman – Dysart, Saskatchewan – Heavyweight champion of the 1950’s – beat them all – Fontinato, Howe – all the toughies.
    Harry Watson – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – Not many wanted to mess with him after he broke Murray Henderson’s nose with one punch.
    Bill Juzda – Winnipeg, Manitoba – Took on all comers – Maurice Richard, Ted Lindsay and beat Gordie Howe.
    Reg Horner – Lyndon, Ontario – NHL’s ‘Bad Man’ leading the league in penalties for seven straight seasons – when angry, watch out – kayoed Eddie Shore.

    Honourable Mention:
    Bob Baun –
    Lanigan, Saskatchewan

    Best Leaf Fighters – Post-1970

    Wendel Clark – Kelvington, Saskatchewan – Based on size and courage – the toughest – took on all the heavyweights and hurt people.
    Tie Domi – Windsor, Ontario – Not the biggest fighter but could take a punch and return with haymakers that disabled many an opponent.
    Tiger Williams – Weyburn, Saskatchewan – More of a grab and puncher, protected Sittler and McDonald and a fighter that opponents didn’t like to get in close with.
    John Kordic – Edmonton, Alberta – Erratic personality scared opponents and his lefthanded punches hurt them.
    Wade Belak – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – Very effective enforcer and could play forward and defence.

    Honourable Mention: Colton Orr, Winnipeg, Manitoba

    Note: Of the 10 listed top fighters 8 are from Western Canada and 6 from the province of Saskatchewan.

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