HFNHL 2017-18 Ratings Update

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    I expect everyone has seen by now, but if by some chance you've been away from your computer as much as I've been lately, head on over to check out our new ratings for the 2017-18 season!

    This years set by the BRHL is different, yet the same, as the set we've used the previous 2-3 seasons. Our previous set was shut down when the BRHL creators realized theirs were being ripped off and redistributed under a different name for free. To keep things as consistent as possible we decided to go with BRHL as the base is what we're used to.

    The BRHL ratings come with slider settings they've tested to produce good results (to the extent this Sim can) as well as some context as to what goes into each rating. I don't want to post that sort of stuff here given the creators past issues with piracy but I will send an email to everyone sharing that as well as an Excel file of the ratings for those that want to dig through in more detail.

    For those not happy with a few of your players ratings Brock will announce the ratings challenge process soon. Be sure to review your roster and post here if you spot any errors that need to be fixed.

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