Request: Help design the most handsome jersey in sports history?

Discussion in 'Digital Arts' started by kurt, Jun 13, 2016.

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    Hi there, I'm looking for a charitable design wizard to whip up the artwork for some sublimated jerseys for my lacrosse team. We're called the Blazers, and we're looking to bring a classy look to the league, and dress things up a little bit.

    I understand our sublimated jersey artwork needs to fit this template/layout from Harrow, where they've used a "Griffins" sample:


    We're looking to lay artwork onto that template using a look inspired by this:


    We're hoping for some colour differences, and improvements in detail/texture/resolution, such as:

    - grey blazer (light/medium grey shade) with wool texture, show buttons, button holes, breast pocket stitching, and some shadow behind the lapel edges to look 3d, with lapel wrapping up and over shoulders on back of jersey
    - medium green blazer and bowtie (Kelly green? maybe a little lighter? whatever green shade looks good), with better detail on vest buttons, and some texture to the vest material
    - keep shirt white, add gold cufflinks
    - possibly add shirt collar, with a little shading around the collar to give 3d look, and colouring jersey neck cuff to white to serve as "collar" around back of jersey
    - change colour of flower to pink, maybe add a little baby's breath if you're feeling ambitious
    - add brown elbow patches to blazer

    Numbers - standard font, try solid white or white with thin green outline (match vest/tie colour) - on back of jersey only

    Sponsor logo on back, under numbers - add this image:

    Anyone willing to take this on? Thanks so much!
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    the pictures dont appear

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