C German Rubtsov - Acadie-Bathurst Titan, QMJHL (2016, 22nd, PHI)

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by Steve Kournianos, Dec 18, 2015.

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    As a Flyers fan you should be aware where Provorov came to the CHL from, don't you?

    You are agenda driven if you deny facts like that.

    My only agenda is the wish for the russian NT to get better players. Like it or not. NHL is to me a farm league to the team a care the most about. And when I see the NHL and it's minors system having a negative effect at developing young russian talent I look for other options and obviously for Russians developing at home is a better option. Especially for forwards.
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    Of course I know where he came from...and all I ever said about careers being ruined in Russia was that not all players, anywhere, are going to develop into NHLers.

    If your only care is for your national team to get better players...fine.

    But stop blaming our junior program for selective players who don't make it..it's ridiculous. There are plenty who don't make it who stay there. There are North Americans who play here and don't make it. In every sport.

    And if a Russian kid has a dream to play in the NHL, there's nothing wrong with him coming over to learn the language and get used to the culture, as long as he's mature enough. The same applies for kids here moving away from home to play...some of them just aren't ready for it without the culture shock and language barrier (though there are instances with French/English)
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    Seen him play a few weeks back, was pretty underwhelming overall. He looked slow. Showcased some nifty mitts a few times, but other than that he was very quiet.
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